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i like comic books, books, my guitar and stuff. yep, i said stuff.
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"Well, I am so glad you think like that because I know this guy and I swear he's like your soul mate." Then walk away while they're still stuttering.
honestly i am a little sad to see it end but i look forward to your next comic. count on me being there!
@Lesbian Comics: It's really not that bad. They even make a cream now that makes your skin numb so it doesn't hurt at all. The important thing is remembering that it will be there FOREVER. just saying.
i was outted by my sister when i was 13. oh, and going to military school. talk about hellish. i lost all but three friends. my sister is a bag of dicks
you are terrible. i didn't know either and then i googled it because of you!!! i feel a warning should have been issued... i mean, more than, you know, the look of horror on your face.