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Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Mewtwo confirmed for Kick@$$! /brick'd

Hnnngh, I apologize! I never intended for this page to take as long as it did to finish, but I had to revamp it a few times because the pacing felt off. I just hope that the final result makes up for all the changes. It'll also be awhile before we jump into Episode 21 since I'll be busy working on the bonus gijinka comic for the next few weeks or so, and it's fairly long. Regardless, I hope you're excited for what's to come. I can tell you that there will be a couple of things to look forward to in the next installment~

Disclaimer: I'd like to point out that Kick@$$ Mode DOES NOT condone the smoking of cigars or other tobacco products. <sub>Unless you're an Italian mob boss, in which case, please carry on with your badass self~</sub>
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

*braces self for the influx of "praise helix" comments*

But for the record, "Project Helix" is NOT a reference to Twitch Plays Pokemon, as coincidental as it may seem. Although, during the production of this page, I did consult the almighty online helix about whether or not I'd ever complete my comic. It told me "without a doubt", so things are looking optimistic! *thumbs up*

I sure hope you guys like monologues, because we still got another whole page of this to go~ \o/
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Words words wordy-word words~

Not my absolute favorite page, but I'm glad it's finally done. At least we have juicy plot to look forward to.
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Some of you might recognize the legendary bird picture as the same one I uploaded a couple days ago~

Well, well! We haven't seen Shade McNinja in a long time! He's had a slight wardrobe change since his last appearance, but it's not super obvious unless I can somehow squeeze in a detailed full-body shot later.

This chapter is basically subbing in for the whole Rocket Hideout portion of the game, so brace yourselves for the incoming info dump. It's a big one. ;x
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

No, Pecks! You must stay true to the path!

I forgot that I was supposed to explain what REALLY happened with the Celadon Gym battle, so here goes: Charlie was really close to evolving, so I had him grind on all the gym trainers, thinking he'd change before Erika, but he came up juuust short of level 36. I figured "fuck it" and took on Erika anyway, and she was still a cakewalk (flamethrower spam ftw). Charlie evolved and there was much rejoicing! :iconcharizardlaplz:

WHO'S THAT CAMEO?! Got quite a few today, so here they are in order:

:iconAerorwen:'s Leaf from her nuzlocke, The Fall. Aerorwen's art and story-telling skills are top notch, so you should definitely give her comic a read. <sub>I've been wanting to cameo Leaf since forever, but I don't think my style does her much justice. XD</sub>
:iconNikkyDash:'s Nikky from Nikky's Ruby Nuzlocke. I just started reading her run, but it's frickin' hilarious so far! A must read!
:icondejasquietplace:'s Tiv from That Comic About That One Kid (not sure if official title XD). It's a gijinka run that's still fairly early in its story, but you can't help but fall in love with the characters right away~ ;D

The next chapter will have lots of tasty plots. My fav~<3
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Vileplume's thoughts throughout this whole scene. :Y

A big thanks to :iconakialyne: for stepping up as my hand model while Zero was recovering from wisdom teeth surgery! Also, one more page and THIS CHAPTER WILL FINALLY BE DONE! HNNNGH!

<sub>It feels like Ken has been in that dress for a whole year. :I</sub>
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Hey howdy hey! Kick@$$ is back from it's hiatus!

I would say that this page was long overdue, but that would be a horrible understatement. Still, better late than never~

So I had plans to finish this page way back in January since one of my new year's resolutions was to start working on my nuzlocke again. But what really lit a fire under my ass is that one of my college buddies, who I was shocked to learn reads my comics pretty religiously, started getting pretty pissed that I hadn't updated in awhile (not genuinely pissed, but he did nag me quite a bit XD). So here I am! Now enjoy Charliezard in all his technicolored magnificence.
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

PAHAHAHAH! Cliffhanger~ /shot

So a few people in my streams were asking why I draw Erika with her eyes always closed. The main reason is because her old school artwork always depicted her as such, but also because I vaguely remember reading somewhere that canon Erika suffered from narcolepsy. ...Or perhaps she's just perpetually high from inhaling all those spores. Either way, she seems to have inherited Brock's ability to magically see through her eyelids, so I'm sure she's fine~

Anyway, I don't wanna leave you guys hanging for too long, so gonna try and have the next update done before I leave for my Scotland trip at the end of the month. Here's hoping~
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

The battle is really heating up! :V

Once again, I'm using my creative license to make this battle more interesting, so don't expect everything to fit with the game mechanics. Also, I'm not really sure how I feel about this page. It was originally supposed to end a few panels later, but I realized that more panels would make the page feel cramped, so I changed it up. Ah, well, it's an in-between page anyway, and I'm glad it's finally done.

Next page should hopefully be up a lot faster than this one was, so stay tuned. ;Y
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Yeeeah, I'm not sure what sort of pose Ken is trying to pull off there either. :Y

Short update is short, but I'm still really pleased with how this page turned out. (Except that tangela can go die in a fire. ...Oh, wait~) Also, just gonna warn everyone now and say that I will be taking A LOT of creative liberties with this gym battle, which I'll explain the reason for later. So any comments along the lines of "a tangela would never outspeed a charmeleon" or "that attack should have been a OHKO" will be ignored. :paranoid:

For the record, Erika has gotta have the fattest victreebel in Kanto.
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Finally! We get to the actual gym battle!

WHO'S THAT CAMEO?! It's :iconKrisantyne:'s Sara from First Summer. (I'm sorry it's a back shot. XD) First Summer is a beautifully drawn nuzlocke that takes place in the fan-made region of Rijon, so it's definitely worth a read!
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Too tired to word, so here's a quick list of all the cameos (most are from the Kick@$$ Anniversary contest):

:iconKindle-flower:'s Jay and Freckles the bulbasaur
:iconky-nim:'s Nina and Laila the lilligant
:iconRingo-Mikan:'s Felicia and Broccoli the pansage
:iconMuninniguH:'s Sael and Todd the tropius
:iconnebulartis:'s Fera and Silvia the treecko
:iconcancer-cub:'s Maya and Primadonna the parasect
:iconpencilsleafgreennuz:'s Pencil and Jade the weepinbell
:iconvertigo-gal:'s Redhead and Marshall the squirtle
:iconloki-wings:'s Cross

I'll type a proper description here later when I'm not half-dead. Enjoy the update!
Copied and pasted from deviantArt account.

Kenny is prettiest princess~

I really have no comment. I originally thought I'd at least be inside the gym by the end of this page, but I guess it wasn't to be... :C

Pecks' lovely Spanish was brought to you by :iconjutopa:. Jutopa also has a pretty rockin' nuzlocke comic, so be sure to check it out.

I also stumbled across this interesting video while working on this page. I'm not really trying to make a statement, but a lot of people were comparing Ken's drag situation to Cloud's in FFVII, so I thought those people would appreciate the link~
Copied and pasted from deviantArt account.

This would probably be more hilarious and unexpected if Ken wasn't already dressing in drag every other crack stream. :V

As I've said before, I made a lot of stylistic changes to this page in favor of more efficient updates. I'm still trying to find a happy middle-ground between quality and quantity, so any feedback would be really appreciated (and don't worry about hurting my feelers). If you're finding it tricky to notice a difference, some of the major changes include: <s>thinner line-art (i.e. no more thick outlines)</s>, slightly different greyscale tones, addition of a shadow layer, and simpler speech bubbles.

WHO'S THAT <s>RACK</s> CAMEO?! Nah, just kidding. I was super tempted to cameo someone there, but I decided to behave myself and save the it for the next page~

Note: I've been getting a lot of comments saying that the perverted old man reminds people of this video. ;x

I know I overdid the epicness on this page, but I've always been a sucker for flying scenes in movies. The fact that I was listening to non-stop epic music didn't help either (although if you've ever been to one of my streams, you know I listen to this stuff all the time anyway).

It's been a super long time since I attempted to paint a landscape. (I used this as my main reference~) Overall, I think it turned out nice. <sub>Even if the trees still bug the hell out of me.</sub> But don't expect to see a fully colored page like this for a looong time. *dies*

In Episode 19, we'll be tackling Celadon Gym. Hope you're as stoked as I am! ;Y

Just gonna leave this here~
@sconic123: You mean the thunder badge? :V
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

Bruce is blasting off agaaaaain!

It felt like the all the powers of the universe were against me finishing this update, but I did it! <sub>Even if it IS super late. Gomen.</sub> Anyway, there's a point in every nuzlocke run where I stop paying attention and switch to autopilot, which results in me doing some really dumb shit. In this case, I went charging into the grass like a moron because I completely forgot I was out of pokeballs (this is one of the instances where the "no buying items" rule comes to bite you in the ass). I've mentioned a few times that Ken's favorite pokemon is arcanine <sub>*cough*</sub>, but even if he did manage to catch the growlithe, I promise he's not a big enough jerk to immediately replace Charlie.

WHO'S THAT CAMEO?! Wow, so I promised Protocol00 this cameo way back when I first started the comic. Since I missed out on a growlithe here, I thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to slip Bruce in. The scenario itself was inspired by livestream role-play silliness. :V

Next up, Celadon City cameos! <sub><s>Plus, a new teammate~?</s></sub>
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

If you haven't figured it out by now, pidgey are basically the punching bags of the Kick@$$ universe. ;x

Hey howdy hey! Kick@$$ is back from it's hiatus! I'm gonna try and update every week or two, like I used to, but I can't make promises since I've been extra busy with work lately.
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account

Finally, the conclusion of the Lavender Town arc!

This was supposed to be up earlier today, but an unexpected power outage set me back a couple hours because I forgot to save like a dumbass. And as for whether Mew was just pretending to be Buzz or whether she was Buzz all along, I'll leave that up to your own interpretation for now~

As I've already stated, now that the Lavender Town arc is completed, I plan to take a short hiatus from comic drawing to work on some mini projects instead (mostly Kick@$$ related). But once we return, we'll be taking another break from Ken's story in favor of getting back to the actual nuzlocke (although there will still be bits of plot sprinkled throughout the next few chapters). Whereas Lavender Town was dark and serious, Celadon City will be fun and lighthearted, so I hope you guys are ready for a change of pace. ;)
Copied and pasted from my deviantArt account.

You'll get a decent description once I get a decent sleep. XI

Also, despite how it looks, this is not the final page of the Lavender Town arc. We've still got one more to go~