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@Battle Ravyn: Hello! This story is not dead per say but CC has been working on other projects and I had a transition in my life that kind of made me drop the ball in a lot of things.

I will be picking it up once I have settled in (i just moved) though this one is kind of a side project for another at the moment

Thank you for the desire to keep this project going!
@NightLullaby: I am sorry I have not been on, my laptop was stolen with all my wips for this comic and I kind of lost passion for a little.

Buuuuuuut I have picked it up again and once this semester is over (mid may) I will begin working on pages once more!

So sorry for abandoning this for a little. I am happy to hear people are still enjoying this!!!
if you got a new tablet you have to remove all of the old drivers from your old tablet and reinstall your new tablet because they are probably fighting... mine does it all the time
This is a beautiful comic ... like crazy beautiful

take all the time in the world when it comes to hetic lives. We will be here waiting on baited breath
Welp I love it already.... -begins to doodle them-

yuuup love at first smex haha
I couldnt fit everyone in but I tried to get most of them.... -weeps- I will try better on the next one I post

But the games are over.... time for serious action
soooo pretty =w=

yeah we should hibernate when we aren't in class because we are so busy haha
hnnng so perfect

poor manny is like - i will hug you but dont sit on meeee-
Name: Caleb

Age: Mystery

Height: 6’1”

Gender: Male

Pronouns: He/him/his

Sexuality: Bisexual

Species: Cat of sorts

Job Position: Graphic designer for a small t-shirt company.

Personality: What a coy and playful cat. His heart quickly comes to his sleeve and he grows affection for others easily. He is a snuggly and cuddly to those he is fond on – and personal space means little to him. He enjoys spoiling those he is affectionate for and does all he can to get the attention of those he likes… even if they say no once, twice… or a few dozen times. (he is a bit cocky too but don’t call him out on it)

Background: A large cat that has always been barreling through his siblings. He coddles his smaller siblings and often is seen snuggling and clinging to them because of their small stature and how cute they are. He grew up with this coddling manner, getting walked upon. But, as he aged he started to drift off from rough housing into more productive manners, finding himself as an artist. Something that quickly grew until he went off to college. Now he is moving back to his home town and traveling to the cat café to enjoy treats and the adorable little kittens run around. A few already catching his eye.
Extra Info:
-Young for his looks
-Isn’t huge on sweets but will eat them if they are offered to him.
-Is clingy and loves kissing and touching others.
-Comes in often with his computer to work and enjoy some company.
How did I not message on this!

How cute Sage is should be illegal. Good thing for Sage though cause it means she gets away with stuff more easily.
Colby would hide the moment he saw Gil come in.

This is going from affection to stalking.
@harunnn: I already doodled him >w> <w<

you should go into the chat and find it haha
@harunnn: the first one is okay ^ ^ Cause its an intro so your bby can be loved on

and lemmie tell you
he is gonna be LOOOOVED on hehehehe
@harunnn: Baw you can do whatever you want -wink wonk- But we go in abc order so you can cont once its your turn OwO

@Solaihzilla: -blush- Thank you, the panels were fighting me every step.. and I wanted to post more peeps buuut it didn't happen haha

@Rajay: Yup. Colby is in the back clinging to the oven going 'YOU CAN'T TAKE ME OUT THERE!!!!'
@akaru: (I posted as a guest like a derp)

Being number 1 is hard on him. He can't handle the pressure and just wants to hide till the affection ends.

@harunnn: He is! And its too much for Colby. Thank you, the page was difficult for me but I like how it came out.
Guess who doesn't take affection well...

I wonder if he will do as he says or hide instead.

probably the later :I
omg haha wow

if he does this with everyone I bet he has learned which to avoid and which not to... cause Colby would probably hiss and blush before trying to scamper off.
Oh my -fans self- Dont mind me as I draw him in my dark room... weeping from viewing such beauty.

I cant wait to see how he interacts with the other cats
omg so cute! -casually saves it to be my background- >w<
Wooot -lays down- Power outage killed my finished one, but I re inked and colored.