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Samantha is:
+ A bitch. (It's true! xD)
+ Hyper
+ Spazz-tastic
+ Anime-addict
+ In college
+ Animal-lover
+ Would be an Uke. ('s sad. I wanna be a SEME! -tears-)
+ Ditzy
+ Clumsy
+ An idiot. (I insulted myself. o.o Shows my smarticlenezz huh. xD)
And that’s it. I hope you enjoy any manga I may start. Though, my scanner sucks, and I don’t know how to do that whole fancy thing with the coloring and inking and stuff. So please be easy on me. I’ll learn in time. =3
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Ah ha ha, niiiice.

I love the last panel. x3 So cute.

Lol he snuck into his house. Now, how did that happen...? =O
I was kinda right! ^-^ (Why am I so happy about it...? xD)

POOR GREG! AWE! -hugs- It's okay...your cuteness wil save yous....(that was a lie, but dont tell him that. x3)

I loved chibi Greg. "Sue?" xD
For some reason, I couldn't stop laughing after seeing this page...

And after I regained my dignity, I felt bad for the girl...I'm guessing her forehead if gonna get stabbed by his hard hair, right? xD ALL THE BLOOD!

Ahem. I may be wrong...poor him. Dx

I love your style. Your characters are so cute! I just wanna rape 'em--I MEAN HUG 'EM! Hug 'em, yeah....>.>
February 29th, 2008
Suzuna-chan is adorable! I especially loved the chibi Suzuna licking her ice cream with that adorable expression. xD I WANNA HUGGLE HER TO DEATH! -glomphugglepurr- x3

-totally faves-
Oh my.
Lol. Sexy. ;D

Alton: o////o Why must my mind be tainted so?

Me: yopu like it. ;D


I am SO faving this! Great job, so fars its cute. ^^

-totally faves-
Lol, I drew this a while ago and HAD to put it up as soon as I got home! xD

Altons in denial. o.o

Hessocute in this picture! ^.^

Yeah, I cant draw chibis. T.T

PS: Lol, I was gonna draw over it in ink but the pen broke, so thus thats what that black shit is across the page. xDDDDDD

PSS: I meant 'yes' not 'you' in the title. Ha ha my bad. With meh awesome typo skillz.
Lol, its true, too! xD He is SO cute/sexy! (I didnt know that was poissible 'till I met Tobias. xP)
Poor Alton....he locked himself in the closet again. -sigh-
Yay. Lol, I just got back from class and read that, and had to laugh, cuz I felt old today too. I was talking to my old friend whos a Sophmore this year, and she calls me up and is all "IM 16 TODAY!" and I gapsed and said "OMG! Seriously!? YOU'RE SO YOUNG! o.o" I felt like...I dunno, a pedophile. xD
I'm like, a mommy compared to my high school friends. ;_;
So yeah.

Yay, Imma so happy Alton is liked. 8D

Alton: o.o -happy blush- ^-^ I love yous all. =D

Me: Yay, love. xD

Alton: Sh-Shut up! >_<

I'm sorry. xDDDDDDD
OMG! -dies- ugly. -cries- I'm sorry.
Yeah, I'm sharing Alton because I'm too lazy to scan another pic of someone else. Dx Sue me. Eh, wait, no dont sue me. imma poor.
Any who, yeah Alton is an UKE! UKES UNITE~! o.o
Yup, if the age is undersage then lets just say hes older. If it isnt, then he ish 17. Yup.
Ugh...I'm happy my scanner is FINALLY fixed! -glares at dad- So I can scan now! Yay! Dance with me guys! ^.^

PS: Sorry its so LATE! It JUST got fixed, like, TODAY! xD
The best thing EVER! SO cute.
But I hate that lying cheating elf! Poor Ren and Elliot(Ya Imma callin him elliot. xD)! Both are being played! xD Seriously, she kisses Elliot then Ren...POOR REN! REN! ILL LOVE YOU! -hug!-
I-I'll be your friend Kai. ;.;
...Oh my, the best cover EVA! <3
-totally dies-
This is so cute! And the thing he says, so cute too! Gah, I keep over-using cute...Dx
Anywho, I LUFF YOU! KEEP IT UP! ^-^!
-starts sobbing-
That was such a touching chapter! I loved it! This pairing is so cute! IT ISH TEH BEST!
You need to do special chapters for these two more often. 83
He must be the angel who kissed her before, huh? It's sort of obvious. x3

+ makes mental note not to piss of takuya + Ha, I love Maya. Shes just in the background the whole time, all; ._. xDDDDD
Yay! update soon!
Oh my....-rushes to creepy perv, and glomps him- NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU! -dies-
-runs off all the suagr I just ate- ^^;;;;;;
HOMMMMG! UPDATE! -does the update dance- SO HAPPY! T_T
I love how you wait, and then when you do update, its like, twenty pages. ITS SO WORTH THE WAIT! (Slight wait. I dunno. Dx)
Good job! yay, new charreh! So much DRAMA!
Update soon. ;D
Oh ya, and as my title says, ILL MARRRYYYY HIMMMMMM! 8D
Ah hah! That short kid is so cute! xD -steals for self, and runs without further comment-
You know, very little comics make me cry in real life.
This was one of those comics.
Gods. -wipes eyes and sniffles-
I hope one day they end up together. D:
And after that heart-filled confession on her part...GODS, so SAD! You HAVE to make a sequel! Pleeeease. D: They HAVE to end up together. D>
Well, it was a great comic. And the art is breathtaking, too. I'll keep an eye out on your other comics.
Chya! Suspense! Twists!
I REALLY did NOT see THAT coming! Him being one of THEM (a good them. Not the mysterious bad kind of THEM. xD) and his friend, nonetheless! Wait...will there be a love triangle with Maya? Ha ha. Wow. Sorry. I tend to jump to conclusions.
But really! I WANT BOYO TO BE HER GUARDIAN! That tanaka character isnt good enoguh.
But I'm sure Maya would like that huh? -_-'