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I think I'm going to rename this chapter "Oliver and the Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day".

And... that's all, folks! The end of Chapter One! It wasn't really the most exciting chapter ever, but the next one is fun(in my opinion, I guess), so yeah.

Unfortunately, I'm also taking a sort of break. I'll still be uploading things every Thursday, but it won't be pages, it'll be small, intermission type stuff. Just for six weeks, then I'll be back to the main story. So... yeah.

@The Orange Cow: hdffvg huh? Third option?
And now it's time to play Name that Internet Meme! Here's a hint: it takes place in the sixth panel.

In other news, one page left in the chapter! Thank goodness. :/
@The Orange Cow: Nope, although I can see why you might have thought that. They all got their powers in different ways, but that will be explored later.
Technically, it's still Thursday where I am, but I should really stop procrastinating on these things...
@The Orange Cow: Really? Out of aaaalllllll the other panels in this comic? ... I guess so.
Actually, I have to agree with Amarand on this one, it's really weird to see Oliver with a smile on his face... even if it isn't necesarily him.
Pretty late in the game to actually be telling everyone what his powers are, but, like Oliver pointed out, it's not like it matters, anyway.
@The Orange Cow: They totally should, except Amarand would ruin it by being a big jerk, so maybe he should get left out.
You wouldn't think that snakes were very hard to draw, but they totally are, and now I need to work on the character pages for these guys... which means I have to draw a snake again. Curses!

In other news, can you guess the trait of all the new psychomachia? If you can, you win a prize(like, a picture or something)! They aren't that difficult, actually.
@The Orange Cow: Yeeeeaaaah. Grass. Pretty awesome stuff right there.
Amarand isn't very nice.

Updated the character pages, go check it out!
So the running theme in this comic is having just about everyone have a really close, really uncomfortable face to face encounter with Oliver when they meet him. Why is this? I'm not sure, but it makes me laugh.
@The Orange Cow: But what could it be. Hmmm. It's a mystery.
This monologue is from "Uncle Vanya" by Anton Chekov. Yep, he's a drama nerd.
Woah man, personal space, seriously.
That's Oliver's 'about to cry' face in panel 6, and that makes this the second time he's cried in 28 pages and still not a single smile.
@The Orange Cow: Oh, I can appreciate math and it's importance, sure, but I hated every second I had to learn it.
You'd think Oliver knew better by now.