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my character is midnight. but he is just my representing character, not my personnal character. feel free to use my sprites, I do not wish any credit. just do not say you made it. I am french, sorry for the bad writting... also, louismiles is my brother.
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Is it done by accident, or is he called "Con" (which is a French insult) because he is... "Con"?
sory for the lack of update. with school, manga and others, I cant allways have the time for this. anyway, this is Lazar, but under his megaman form. next: Lazar, sonic form!
the main characters of one of my old projects: Pokemons and Mobians. maybe it'll and up on smackjeeves. anyway, if you want a sonic advance or battle style pokemon, just ask me. nothing better to do.
nooo! I posted an incomplete sheet! I forgot the wheels!
just for you to know, no, not only sonic. I also do Kirby sprites, megaman (I only tryed zx style), pokemon and from scratch. but I won't show them to you.
excuse me for the lack of updates, but I am very sick right now, and with the exams at my school, I don't really have the time to update this sprite showcase. but expect me to update more often from now on!
Hey, feel free to use the sprites i make! just no stealing. also, you can request sprites.
thank you very much! first time someone says i'm good at this.
what in the name of George is she? a talking salad? a fruit mutant? WHAT?
what to say. it's human. but sonic advance style.
I know.
he is not my favourite character. just my avatar. in fact, i kind of hate him.
my question
this is the two versions of Honey the cat, a sonic character, that I made. wich of the two looks the more like Honey to you? v1 or v2?