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Yoo, sorry I'm back late. I had trouble writing this chapter.
And that's the end of this chapter.
Ah, geez. I'm still not totally used to drawing these scenes. They don't turn out how I want. I'm hoping I get better.
@Plotty: Awesome, mission accomplished.
@M-24: It's for Wyatt's sake, he's secretive. He'd be super upset if his private life was out in the open.
@guest: yes, what if...
@Heyanon: Gotta nip that shit at the bud
@sstogner1: Yeah, he could shrug off rumors
@ChainleeZ: I was afraid Aiden looked too intense but he's trying to discourage this guy
@maeriyong: Yes there's no need for violence if he can intimidate him.
@SOABS: Yeah, I'd get nervous and deny it
@SomiJuli: He's not afraid to get in a fight
@boiseboo: He done fucked up
@guest: Not good to get his attention by making some threatening implications
@KathyJDB: Thanks! I had such trouble with this page. It felt like I forgot how to draw.
@Ighon: I'm happy you're liking it!
@yasha.queen: Wyatt would get angry for sure.
@sstogner1: A total give away
@Zweiss: He's a sensitive guy
@SomiJuli: He's a tease. Thanks for always leaving a comment :D
@JKHoganBooks: Nobody's safe from that look lol
@Anya Otherkin: Lol, sorry for the blue balls.
@tolazytomakeaacount(guest): Yeah it's a bit awkward. I'm glad you like the page. It means a lot. Time goes by slowly when you're waiting. I know that feeling.
Boy don't do it.
@Lils2Go: encouraging him and maybe teasing him a bit.
@yasha.queen: I don't think they can get away with more.
@Heyanon: he's a tsundere lol
@Vexel Rei: I may have forgotten too this goes on for far too long but oh well. Consent is important.
@sstogner1: maybe...
@ZombieToast: yeah especially Aiden.
@GryffindorDOS: Happy to entertain
@sstogner1: No fucks whatsoever
@estrachan: Help him help you
@Xaryna: But he can help him make it go away
@Auldr: Can't have him getting full of himself
@JaeBabii1121: lol, yeah it does
@schlissel: I'm glad the reference landed.
@yasha.queen: They're relationship is complicated
@sstogner1: Oh my gosh you're right. I totally missed that!
He dead
Drawing actions is hard
@estrachan: They want to work with him because he's hot. He is actually pretty smart, he just thinks school work is boring.
@sstogner1: They are always taking pictures of it.
@MoonByte: ha, burn
@plotty(guest): Yeah, he thinks he's funny
@Ralend: The world must know lol
@Funkasista: True, True
@lesbisk: That would be super narcissistic
@SomiJuli: You're welcome!
@MondaySucks: They're fun to do.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!
I had to get a new hard drive to get my computer working...sigh

@sstogner1: He desperate
@Funkasista: He'll wear him down slowly
@cornflakes (guest): Aiden's not a quiter when it's something he really wants.
@plotty (guest): Thanks! I'm still wanting to recover my files, but I don't know what service works and isn't too expensive.
@Auldr: He has an alternative now.
@girly_pink_angel: He's difficult for his own reasons. He doesn't like being forced in a corner.
@The_prego_eggo: Yup, it's only logical.
@SomiJuli: I hope it's not too much money too. I'm glad to be back.
@MoonByte: He's got a one track mind
@justw894: He says that now..
@M-24: Yeah, maybe people just want to see it get to the sexy parts.
@plotty(guest): It's an unfortunate situation
@ElectronicYaoi: He he, thanks!
@amanduur: Aiden's kinda my fave, you can probably tell. And thank you! I try to do different angles and such. Your art is lovely as well!
What to do, What to do?
@sstogner1: He hasn't seen him smile before. That's true, lol.
@cj080191: I'm sorry your day was shitty.
@SomiJuli: Yeah, I always like in stories where they switch point of views and you get to see what the other one is thinking.
@riverside: Who knows how long that'll take.
@MoonByte: he he, yup
@M-24: Yeah that's home ec
@Jashi: ;D
@Nekomata99: Yeah, me too and they're just like bumps on your stomach man.
@emma2785: So subtle
@vixellin: Those abs are against the law
@Littlebozsheep: Hmm, probably both
@kyojikusagami: Thanks!
@Scorpio730: That'd be quite the scene. My chibi's aren't the best I rarely draw that.
@Funkasista: He plays to win.
@SomiJuli: You're welcome!
@Dean(guest): people are melting left and right.
@yasha.queen: I've seen the movie once so I'm not totally sure. I think Wyatt could be Brad, Marie could be Janet and Aiden Frank-N-Furter?
@M-24: Ha I thought of that too, but also just looking at his face it looked like he was getting a bj