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I like drawing,watching tv,and reading.
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I'm sorry for not updating in a while..I hope you like the new updates cuz they were real embarassing to write as are the future pages, ha ha

@Hawkflame: Thank you!
@sempre: It's been a while, but I'm persevering. Thanks!
@beckster: I guess it is character building ha ha, maybe I'll get used to it. I wanted the beginning to be in color but then the beginning got way long, but I like coloring so it's cool
@Remawolf: Ha ha thanks
@AzrielEver: Sorry, it probably won't be regular for a while
@NekoSenpai: I'm doing okay, thanks!
@tha: I've thought about like censoring it a bit, but I think it would be a lot of censoring.
@aryaya: I'm sorry. I'm still just considering it.
@WingFreak: Yeah, I don't want to make people pay. I might just leave it as it is. Snakes are great! they have such pretty scales.
@Metric_muse: That's what I'm doing currently and I'll probably stick to it for now.
@Parniel: You guys are really understanding. I'm happy you've enjoyed it so far. I'll probably keep posting on here until I get a warning or something.
@sstogner1: Yeah I may just do that.
@memoryERROR-13: Oh my gosh. The tail thing was a concern of mine when I first drew it and I was like I could make it look more like a dragon tail, but I didn't want to get rid of the pretty snake pattern. So I was like fuck it, if it looks like there's a snake in his butt so be it, lol.
@Masja: I think it's like in the rules, but most people just ignore them until they get reported.
@Maki_Bhos: I've decided I'll continue posting on here. Thanks to everyone for sticking around to read it.
I'm sorry for the late updates. My energy is low these days. Anyways, I've been thinking about only posting on Patreon because I want my comic to be less public, because it gets kinda smutty in a few pages but I'm still not sure...
Yoo, sorry I'm back late. I had trouble writing this chapter.
And that's the end of this chapter.
Ah, geez. I'm still not totally used to drawing these scenes. They don't turn out how I want. I'm hoping I get better.
@Plotty: Awesome, mission accomplished.
@M-24: It's for Wyatt's sake, he's secretive. He'd be super upset if his private life was out in the open.
@guest: yes, what if...
@Heyanon: Gotta nip that shit at the bud
@sstogner1: Yeah, he could shrug off rumors
@ChainleeZ: I was afraid Aiden looked too intense but he's trying to discourage this guy
@maeriyong: Yes there's no need for violence if he can intimidate him.
@SOABS: Yeah, I'd get nervous and deny it
@SomiJuli: He's not afraid to get in a fight
@boiseboo: He done fucked up
@guest: Not good to get his attention by making some threatening implications
@KathyJDB: Thanks! I had such trouble with this page. It felt like I forgot how to draw.
@Ighon: I'm happy you're liking it!
@yasha.queen: Wyatt would get angry for sure.
@sstogner1: A total give away
@Zweiss: He's a sensitive guy
@SomiJuli: He's a tease. Thanks for always leaving a comment :D
@JKHoganBooks: Nobody's safe from that look lol
@Anya Otherkin: Lol, sorry for the blue balls.
@tolazytomakeaacount(guest): Yeah it's a bit awkward. I'm glad you like the page. It means a lot. Time goes by slowly when you're waiting. I know that feeling.
Boy don't do it.
@Lils2Go: encouraging him and maybe teasing him a bit.
@yasha.queen: I don't think they can get away with more.
@Heyanon: he's a tsundere lol
@Vexel Rei: I may have forgotten too this goes on for far too long but oh well. Consent is important.
@sstogner1: maybe...
@ZombieToast: yeah especially Aiden.
@GryffindorDOS: Happy to entertain
@sstogner1: No fucks whatsoever
@estrachan: Help him help you
@Xaryna: But he can help him make it go away
@Auldr: Can't have him getting full of himself
@JaeBabii1121: lol, yeah it does
@schlissel: I'm glad the reference landed.
@yasha.queen: They're relationship is complicated
@sstogner1: Oh my gosh you're right. I totally missed that!
He dead
Drawing actions is hard
@estrachan: They want to work with him because he's hot. He is actually pretty smart, he just thinks school work is boring.
@sstogner1: They are always taking pictures of it.
@MoonByte: ha, burn
@plotty(guest): Yeah, he thinks he's funny
@Ralend: The world must know lol
@Funkasista: True, True
@lesbisk: That would be super narcissistic
@SomiJuli: You're welcome!
@MondaySucks: They're fun to do.
Happy Valentines Day everyone!
I had to get a new hard drive to get my computer working...sigh

@sstogner1: He desperate
@Funkasista: He'll wear him down slowly
@cornflakes (guest): Aiden's not a quiter when it's something he really wants.
@plotty (guest): Thanks! I'm still wanting to recover my files, but I don't know what service works and isn't too expensive.
@Auldr: He has an alternative now.
@girly_pink_angel: He's difficult for his own reasons. He doesn't like being forced in a corner.
@The_prego_eggo: Yup, it's only logical.
@SomiJuli: I hope it's not too much money too. I'm glad to be back.
@MoonByte: He's got a one track mind
@justw894: He says that now..
@M-24: Yeah, maybe people just want to see it get to the sexy parts.
@plotty(guest): It's an unfortunate situation
@ElectronicYaoi: He he, thanks!
@amanduur: Aiden's kinda my fave, you can probably tell. And thank you! I try to do different angles and such. Your art is lovely as well!