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I guess I'm the 3rd option then.
Prepare for trouble! And make it double!
Luckily, detention doesn't exist here in Brazil.
He looks more like Traci.
Happy anniversary! This comic is still pretty good even after 13 years.
Just look at Tails' position. If those spikes come out again...well, let's just say I wouldn't want to be in his skin.
Poor Rat...
Yes, but it's definitely worth it!
That president of the Pokemon Fan Club should watch out 'cause Atty is coming for his pokemon.
October 31st, 2017
When youre close to tears remember
Some day itll all be over
One day were gonna get so high
And though its darker than december
Whats ahead is a different colour
One day were gonna get so high

And at
The end of the day
Well remember the days
We were close to the edge
And well wonder how we made it through
And at
The end of the day
Well remember the way
We stayed so close to till the end
Well remember it was me and you
Damn you Thad. You armless jerk.
Atty to the rescue!
I wonder what happens if the PC storage system catches a virus? Do we get mutant pokemon? Do they die in there?
@Vapor: She's a pokemon. An electric type one.
@Alaric Skywalker
Mine is Flying Battery. Unfortunately, they already got past it a long time ago.
@Super Guest:
Look a lot more a lariat to me. A flying lariat.
@Sauron Bane:
That looks more like a lariat to me.
If this story follows the 1st generation logic, like I suspect it does, then there are no abilities yet so no Lightning Rod.
Poor Rat...:(