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Holy- YES!! I knew Zhivko was my favourite for a good reason!! ahhhhhhhh, I am so happy. Love your comic!!
Thank you for the update!! Hope she ask's him what he knows!
Love this comic!
Well, he died, Love your comic as always
oh god, something is wrong with the bunny!!!
I don't like to be picky in art, but jasper left eye on the left panel is not black but a regular eye. Maybe I cant see right ?? ALSO, I'M SO EXCITED THAT YOUR POSTING MORE!!! Love your work!!! I can't wait to buy the book!!!
September 27th, 2013
Come on girl!! Show mister grumpy face who's boss!! I love these two!!
That horrible moment when you think the sadman is playing a horrible trick, he knows ink can never be anything of a good dream in his eyes, so to eliminate the boogey mans special little nightmare. The sand man needs to lure ink, to make sure that ink never cause the sadman a problem, he must destroy that threat. UGHHH WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO ME?? RUN INK, THE SADMAN DOESN'T HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS!!
INK !! poor baby
I was eating a cracker, and when I saw that you guys updated, I started choking, love your work, KENNEDY TO THE RESCUE !!!! :DDD
The moment when I saw this update, I started crying !!! Love this story :")
Run little angel, RUNNNNNNNN.
I will say it, their both hot. At the girl who got excited about the character who got horny off the blood, the only advice I can say for our little angel boy, is, you better run. Run little guy, protect you chastity!! What pick up line?? I would be running and screaming !!!! XD Love your story !!
My heart just bleeds whenever I see doctor Hughes in the red panels. Is it possible to hear screaming and racing heart beats when you look at that panel, because you achieved that. So much emotions in one page, you're amazing.

Just a bit of advice, be careful on where you place your speech bubbles, you need the speeches to be in sync, so you don't lose your audience.
I couldn't help laugh maniacally, my moms friends are in the room, and I'm doing my best to not look psycho. Live your work, and yes, I would like one ;)
Screams pure happiness :)
reminder !!! I think you meant to spell curse, since the sentence doesn't make sense with the word "course"
This was the last update, oh wow. It was good until it can last :( Thank you for the great experience :) It was amazing !!
loving it <3 keep rockin !!