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Most of the time, I like flash animating, and computing in general.
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    Ben Thompson
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Thanks guys! I really appreciate the positive feedback! =)
I cannot confirm, nor deny, those rumours, but it's true.

Oh noes. ='(
I bet you any amount of money that:

a)Puce has to be happy to get sales, and
b) He's really the same except he's the WRONG COLOUR!
I think exactly the same thing! XD
Just so you know, Puce = Evil Genius = Eggie.
Quick - to the bunker! *jumps in a pie*
Should skulls even have arms and legs?

December 8th, 2005
Sorry about that - I laughed out loud! XD
Holy crud that was fast!
Erotic chicken sandwiches...I see an advert coming along. XD

Glad you like the comic. =)