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Hmm... I'm the type of person on SJ everyone hates! =D -shot-
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I live in the spokane region ish- on the idaho side, so it's kinda cool to see it talked about outside of our little area, seeing as many people wouldn't know where Idaho is even on a map, let alone pullman(I know that's not Idaho, but it's right next to Moscow and I frequent both places, so, yeah...) Kinda made my day.

Also, your art is absolutely gorgeous, and I love how expressionate your characters are, if that makes sense.
Aaw, well there's no hurry here :3
Feel free to take your time, never rush an artist! Besides, there's plenty of delicious pages for people to go back and re-read as we wait.
We all love you.

And yeeeeesss! Score for Heroin.
I don't know why, but I have an obsession with that drug. I've never used, not do I plan on ever even looking at it in my life, but I've researched everything, it's like... My writing muse drug of choice.
That may be a bit weird, but yeah...
Ooh my god
How can someone not mention the colouring?
The colouring on this page is absolutely gorgeous, it's sooooooooo love.
Especially the fourth panel, I absolutely love it.
For those who can't see it...
The same thing happened to me, but I got the random idea to turn off Ad block[for those running FF] and it showed up!

Lovely page :3
You silly people~
The ghost put down lighter fluid, duuuh~ All over the floors? Why else would it go Fwoooooshfiireeee all instant like?
Hehe, I love this page, especially the ghost, it's really creepy and kind of startled me when I first saw it.
Gorgeous as usual~ Absolutely adore your artwork.
I'm guessing what he's getting is heroin, I don't know why though. Probably because that's the most common, or Heroin is just my favorite drug...
Whichever way...
Is it bad that...
I automatically knew this meant smoking heroin? [or opium, whichever you choose.]

Well, either way, this comic is dead sexy love. <3
Therefore, I LOVE YOU.
You just made this coming a million times more epic with this page.
That is all.
I officially love you so much right now.
Parkour = <3
Your my favorite
All i see is white D= Nooo!
I can't see the image... s' just white
The computer stopped being dumb! Thank you for the link to the updates while i was figuring it out <3~

Aww, poor Clover... Go kick his butt, love sick puppy! You should know better than anyone to stop him!

Gorgeous art as always <3~
Hm... I like greyscale personally, i think its pretty
Oooh homomom, how we praise thee so.
absolute genius
He's got a disease or something, doesn't he? D=
Noo I keed. Keep up the amazing work~ <3 I love your art style, its gorgeous, and along with that the plot of this story is absolutely addicting! Must have moar. @.@
Oh jees, I'm so happy I could cry~
I found this on comic genesis once before, but my computer refuses to let me see the images now, no matter what comic it is, then all of a sudden it pops up when I'm randomizing on SJ, <3<3<3~
I love your comic, and the storyline to go with it, I can't wait till the next update~


I meant Drunk Duck, not CG, my bad....
S'ok if the backgrounds aren't so good, because your art is so amazingly gorgeous~
Panel 2 eye = <3
Hey there little red riding hood
I don't think little big girls should
go walkin' in these spooky old woods alone~
That's my vote =3
She's back!
Now now, no disappearing on us quite yet! We've cought you! -army of phoenix cycle fans behind me-
They don't look much older, s'ok if your style changes a bit, everybody's does! It still looks pretty 0w0
The ending was amazing.
It was sad, I nearly wanted to cry! But the way you ended it was really nice, I really hope to see you again in the future! Keep drawing!