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derisee o.O
heyahhh everyone:DDD
Ok let's say i loovvv anime, yaoi :333 and all drawing art stuff :)Also drawing at times (even have some story am working on but demand lot of work and time so dont hnow if i will post them one day :/ ).
So u guys out there ( thinking about authors and 'wanna be authors--like me') i wish u good courage and perseverance :) thx u all for u yummy comics ur great ;)
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    MELI Sally Fortune
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he surely returned with 2-3 more luggages to Canada >_>
but we forgive him he's so yummable .^_^. ( don't know if that word exist actually <_<! ) 'mean just look at that smiling-blinking face *Melts*
and btw i really REALLY love your artand story line *hugs U* thx sharing it ;)
definitely agree
derisee o.O
January 13th, 2013
yes it is a yess
OMG lovely scenery and art ;)
yeah :D
explanation time baby!!!
KFC hehe
ù_ù ^_^
Stupid assholle
am not sure u guys are serious :/ can't u see the one to blame here is Kaden he is just messing with them am not sure she even knows what is going on dont just say that because she is a girl
the only thing to do is to break out with that idiot and tell everything to his sis ... except he come to change (but that will be too disgusting and unfair) well know i hav spoken in the air so just forget about guys... :/
going crazy oh my, oh my.nosebleed O.o
WHAT ,,,,???
flies ??? o.o ppffftttt he he heh :DDD
thnx four the welcoming comment am very honored ^_^
u deserv even much fans ur artwork is just complite (not to say perfect) i like tha second panel iy look lik one person face though from twoo different person it really shows thier resamblane as twins and same feeling at that moment so great :) thx and stick to ur good work
i like i like :D
all i can say the smerkxxyness just shut me up ...
annd i want that jacket ^_^
u said it all like the whole of it
now just how cute o.o
behave behave. crap* can i giv a hug too :D no ?? only for sis ?? okay -_-
wwwoowww O.O beautiful