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All caught up
Now that I've binged-read several chapters and I'm caught up, I have a bitter sweet feeling. It's great that I'm up to speed with the story thus far, but now I have to wait for more of this. I hope you keep doing Devoto Notation, it truly is a great webcomic.
This page made me so very happy and is, by far, one of the silliest things I have seen for a while. I love it!
Such a LONG time
Hi there Notation! It's been forever and a half, and lots has happened in the interim, but I am binge reading your wonderful comic. I hope you've been well, and it's marvellous to see your amazing talent again. Woohoo, found my way back! [Insert happy dance]
@TaliciaEm: Don't stop writing! I'm sorry you feel down now about your work, but keep at it. It's hard, but cliche though it sounds, practice makes perfect. Keep at it. When you're done, I'll read it. I read a lot, doesn't matter the genre. You have one future reader booked at least :)

Gorgeous as usual, Notation. I absolutely love this storyline.
Notation, none of your gorgeous art should ever be lost. You should consider Dropbox as a storage space for your work. It's free, and the amount of space you get increases if you recommend people via your link. Lecturers I've had trusted their Ph.D. theses to Dropbox and I'm a fan of it too. Give it a whirl.
[Insert comment about the brilliance of Notation's art and storytelling here]
@TaliciaEm: Isn't it though? I have run out of adjectives to describe the sheer beauty that is Notation's art.
I friggin' LOVE this!!! I'm almost bouncing with joy and anticipation! Squeeee!!!! Thanks Notation :) This page is absolutely beautiful.
Huzzah a new chapter! Looking forward to seeing what happens next!
Yay, Nina is back and swearing like a...Nina, apparently. Also, armpit hair, heehee :)
Kinda wish that I'd seen the previous version. This is lovely though and for some reason, chokes me up a bit.

All the very best for 2014 Notation, hope it is an awesome one for you, and for the comic. Lots of love from me! :D
Cumpleanos feliz, Notation, belated though my greetings be. All the very best to you and may life give you all that you need, and enough of what you want to keep you happy! Also, Happy Holidays!!

Daww, pouty Devoto and confused Scott! They're so awkwardly, goofily adorable. And penises, heehee :)
Woohoo, congrats Miss Notation! I know how rough it is completing postgraduate work. I cannot imagine the hell of labs for that. Well done and if I could, I'd buy a couple rounds for you ;)

It was totally worth the wait. I love your comic, and would not drift away, no matter how long I'd have to wait for an update. Your work is just too excellent to give up on quickly!

These two, gah! So infuriatingly, cluelessly adorable!
Scott, Scott, Scott, you doof! And Devoto, your expression! I love them both soooooooo much on this page. Heehee :)
Damn you Scott for making Devoto do this very painful "Plus/Miinus" list, where the figures add up to zero for him, apparently. Poor Devoto! Damn you, Scott!!!
Scott!!!! *Facepalms and shakes head* Oy! Ok, so I'm choosing to believe that he's too caught up in the sexy times to realize what just happened. I hope he has his moment of clarity soon. "Thank you" is not the best response, boyo!
Well, zomg! Didn't see that coming! Devoto totally mind-fucked Scott there. Poor guy! And he was so looking forward to just being sexy fucked.
I absolutely relate to Devoto here. A couple years ago, I got involved with someone who was everything I knew I should have left alone. He was younger than me, culturally different, and we had so few similarities, but he was just incredible to be around, loved me absolutely and had the most wonderful smile. I fell for him and I remembered thinking "this is going to be one amazing fuck-up someday".

But while you're in it, you're in it and those thoughts sort of hover behind the wonderful emotions. Caring for, loving another being is part of what makes us human. Plus the wanting of sexy times. Man, that's why I love this comic, deep thoughts, in addition to fantastic artwork and storytelling. I'll be glad to see your replies again, Notation. Keep up the marvellous work please!
@PipTheAlmighty: I absolutely agree. Her art is truly spectacular! Love to you always, Notation :)
@Perstephanie: Why not both?

I love that my most hated MS assistant has also made it into a gay porno. For that, Notation, you are the epitome of awesome!