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I like pie, singing, and making comics. Nuff said.
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@VexTH2: Welcome to Sonic Boom. I'm WuBoytheHedgehog and I will be your guide.
Seriously though, welcome to the comic.
Isn't the Virus a boss in Kirby Super Star Ultra?
Calvin. Afros are unbeatable.
Room Paradox?
Attempting to use's features. Had to go to ms paint for the comic resizing, as the picture became blurry after resize on
@Spar Elric: S***'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN!!
Oh boy.
Coming back with is a pain, but it's pretty cool too. Used motion blur in the first panel.
I'll be back for a while, I guess.
Aaaaaaand to route 99!! Time to possibly get a bit of action maybe?
@Josephk: First level in Sonic Advance 3. Yep, I remember.
I'd like to ask. How's WuBoy going to tie into all of this?
Ooooh, that's not gonna be good.
Yay for you.
Can I join in the fighting?
@OGamma: You also made it in this page:
WuBoy curses whenever necessary.
Wait, why are we talking about this?