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Hi, im a thing from somewhere that is not here but there.
Atty you evil man you....
September 28th, 2015
Aww sad face
Aww be happy... Rocky will be back soon right? The scary wolf dude won't eat him right?
P.s. I love this comic!
That was just a kick in the balls, why did that have to happen, I feel like crying now that thats happened...

Good story though, still kinda ify on boy love but I'm really liking this!
March 20th, 2015
love it!!!
I gotta say I was going to hate you so much when it looked like Amy died but it made the ending so much happier, I love it!!!
the hats?
I noted Willis and Harold both changed their hats, how did they do that and still use magic? Is it like once you have magic you can use any hat?
Never has there been a more perfect @$$ hole
Oh god I love it already X2 Best comic ever!!!!!!!
She is NOT letting go of that soup XD
Holy Hell!!!
Holy hole in the wall hell!!! Please update soon, thiso is no place to leave of such an amazing story! And also...HOLY HELOL LUCKY NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
What the hell has he been working out with!! That's one buff bat!
So I'm going out on a lim in guessing she does not want to be a vampire? Just taken a shot in the dark.
p.s. really like the comic by the way, really well thought out and we'll drawn.
I dont know if anyone asked this, but how do you feel that in the pokemon black and white manga that whites tepig is named Gigi?
Thats so cool, finally there is a reason for there being no dad.
PS. I really like both the nuzlocke comics :)
Is that why she has no father figure? Like her mom and dad got into a big fight and she kicked him out?
ok please kill her in a horrible getting stuffed into a microwave maybe? I think that would work just fine. I always liked her as the lovable derppy girl, but know i just dont know...
Thats never good to see, light pops you run
Please give Noah a nut shot, he is such a DIIIIIICCCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!