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Likes: Drawing, colouring, reading, writing, lazing around on the bed, hating on my cousin, thinking about life., eating chocolate, eating, eating eggs, being a jerk to my brother, taking pictures, making jokes that are funny, laughing, cycling, rollerblading, yay-ing, trying to be scary and it works, mitchelle, Dmitri, writing out my converstaions with dmitri, idolising people like nozmo <3 being less than 50kg, getting A*
Dislikes: The part after showering, being shouted at by my friends, criticised harshly, being treated unfairly by my mother, looking at my brother, being called fat by my brother, arguing and then losing, knowing I suck, knowing im not very sociable, knowing I have 2 super different personalities(one is retardedly fun and the other broody serious), regreting, feeling guilty, having the ipad to crash, knowing someone doesnt like me back, thinking about that someone, losing my friend, called emo (cuz im not) , joel
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Omg. What a forlorn expression on panel 3 D;
OMG. SKYE LOKS SO CUDDLY WUFFLY FLUFFLY O-O its funny because Skye is in the clouds. Haha.. Hah. Get it? :D
Was skye blushing in the 7th panel? Is that because his pocket is close to his crotch and xin touched it? O-o
Eveyone too excited to see the next page to comment xD
Skye you sadist D:
Haha skye looks like xin when hes not frowning and has black hair :D
I AM YOUR 2000th FAN!! >:D
Does that mean he just doesnt eat during lunch or is he pointing out that lunch isnt food? e-e
xD skyee <333
If i was that teacher id cuddle him. HES SO FLUFFY WUFFLY