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I just realized I forgot my password to this I will make a spear and link it to here just in case.
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Is it weird that I was thinking of this comic and now I see its back. Welcome back and will check out the new comic!
@Yaoi his sister (I think)
*starts to use imagination =///w///= *
*fangirl intensify*
Words cannot express my love!
Omg welcome back X3
November 22nd, 2015
Welcome back, I love the new art style :D
I love this comic's art style so much >w<
October 11th, 2015
Nosebleed overload =//w//=
Time to fix that x3
Welcome Back ^w^
Omg I am so excited x3
An eye for an eye in this case
you art work and story is so amazing if you every start to sell, I will definitely aim to buy this.
Welcome back,its been a good while since you last on :3

I truly love your art work every time I see it, your work always amazes me/
I think the Dad is a witch(i forgot who to spell the male version xD) or just a human owo
lol I hate when I get a big package in mail and it ends up being something really small xD
I like what im seeing here :3
I hope you win, Good luck ^w^