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Remember when you said you wished this was on TVTropes?

Well, now it is.
@Punchy: They came back.
Didn't Chris already have several new portals built?
@Metal: Noobert is the one in the corner dressed up as Sagat.
The theme of the year: ...You know what?
Let's play a guessing game instead.
Why leave Eric out of the mix?
A huge gamble if there ever was one, if you ask me.
Plot Twist: This isn't Panty and Punchy's first encounter. 1-punchy-prime/
Delivery boy is here.

NOTE: Due to his asymmetrical appearance, he has 2 different sheets. One for when he's facing left, and the other for when he's facing right.
Rex's wanton destruction catches the attention of an old friend.
There's just too many to pick from when you're a drummer for a garage band. It's like choosing you're favorite child.
Sure, you can make them look like a dude and sound like a dude, but that doesn't necessarily give them physical genders.
He can be insightful when he wants to be.
Not sure if Panty did this on purpose or forgot what rooms were on each floor.
Interesting floor choice, Panty. Isn't that where all the Lovers suites are?
Not sure who Daniel's stink eye is directed at here.
Um, well, uh, that's one way to put it.
Portals, Plans, and Puns.