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Craaaaabs 3:
Hes starting to look more like a guy to me now.
Splish Splash takin a bath.
I love this comic. ; ;
I love the details you put into the eyes. The color is very real--it makes the whole picture come to life. Good job Kizzy, very good job.
And the grandmother see's. o________o

And that was how Liam learned about man smex.
Poor kitty D:

I thought fo'sho that was a person yo.

D: I phail.
Thats just hot. o.o

-steals second comment- <3
"Let's make a bet! If our rubber duckie wins the race...

... We get to have sweet love without that damned cat hanging around."

Oh yeeeah just because he's so evil like that.

Ooooooh SNAP! I wanna do that D:
I love the expression. You can really protray emotinon well. Grats to you.
This comic is awesome. I'm sticking with ya through and through. I love the way you capture emotion in the eyes... its so awesome.
Now this is the best comic I've ever laid eyes on...besides my friends Yaoi comic. >.>;

Let me refrase. This is the best humor/straight people comic I've ever seen!

Oh my god thats so true. XD
This is the best fucking comic I've ever seen. XD