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Woo college! Woo business school! Absorbing my life....

So I thoroughly enjoy me some Pokemons, some Dungeons and Dragons, video games of a large variety, Nerf guns too!
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Ooh, now we get to see how Trygon interacts with the local in detail.
Holy crap I can't wait to learn more about these other two towers.
Oh my god, the sheer level of adorable here.
January 13th, 2015
Glad to see some homage to .Hack (and even more glad that I'm not the only one who saw that!)
I am in love with every facial expression on this page.
You know the voice that says "Good luck" at the start of missions on Star Fox from N64? I read it with that voice
Such intensity and emotion in that face, I love it!
*shipping intensifies*

This was one of the first comics I picked up 3 years ago when I joined SJ at the insistent prodding of my college roommate. It has been an incredible ride, and I still cannot wait to see what happens next!
There... I don't think there are really words... That send shivers down my spine.

Format looks really good. I've never felt it a problem when a page is long vertically.
It looks really good, does an excellent job of getting the message across.
I would say that the amount of detail that still goes through the effect really amplifies the effect overall. The two work together very well.

I see that the last one is Vulpix #63. Does this mean that #64 knew her predecessor?
Wonderful to see you return Snowy!
ANGER! ANGER! *flailing, screaming, and running away*

Best trio of reactions ever
I've been looking forward to what you would do with this scene. Much ambush
So that's how shaving works for grass-types...
Oh my god, I think this joke is gonna kill me. This just made my day.
DUUUUST!! (and Mew makes a nice Fidget)
Ahh, I love the creativity on these, and the last one too.
"I don't know why you are all screaming, it's just Temporal Tower."

hmm, I like the Dark Souls idea. lots of funny possibilities there, I imagine
Woah. Mons that don't necessarily want to kill him. I sense shenanigans and plottery....
Ooh, this'll be fun! I love seeing this comic bring in the stuff from the game
So so glad to hear that you're alright. I used to live near San Diego, and my dad still does, so I know how bad the fires can get.
Step-by-steps are cool, I say go for it!