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Oh my God I love this comic so much! And the chair!!! And Shuno's face in the last panel ohmygodhsueibcha
Oooooooh I like this guy
FRENCH!!!! You're actually pretty decent at i too. This lady seems so nice, asking a little girl if she's okay
OH MY GOD DOCTOR WHO REFERENCE!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Haha the note on the fridge "Mikko for the love of God clean your room" that cracked me up!!
Oooooh so the guy from that picture earlier was her brother Mikko!!
Oh hey he's got his ears pierced... I just noticed that now... oops
lol watch it fall in the cup
@Rai-Chu: Oh my God no it looks awesome! You did a great job with it :)
Oh my God this is so pretty! How do you even do this?
@melaredblu: Pick up line loading...
I've noticed when you show characters from the side you make their chins really big and it's very stylistic so its mostly okay, just don't make them so big and it will look at lot better :) not trying to be mean, just giving constructive criticism.
I love this story so far, even better than "special" care which was awesome :P
Oh wow he's actually pretty short. Or maybe Jiro's just really tall?
@inuyashagrl23: Oh my god that makes so much sense. You're a genius!!!
April 15th, 2014
Annnnnnnd of course it stops here. Of course.
I'm sensing some feels about to come out... but I'm not a fortune teller so just ignore me here
Yay a new page! And wow, she sure loves her son. Then again, she's probably pretty fucked up...
A month and a half with no page?? WHY????? I want more!!!! Ahem... please?
Wow you're amazing at colouring XD