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I like mangas.... drawings....and anime the most in this world!! ^_~
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xD darn it! i was drinking mango juice
April 22nd, 2013
@selenaloong: XD thanks a lot! and yeah i will call you selena cause selenaloong is so long for me! XD
and call me Natsu instead of Natsunii!
April 13th, 2013
sorry for the delay!! ~_~
because of some family trouble i couldn't finish it on Saturday! i am really sorry seleenalong!
@Torino: oh~ i didn't get much at all of what you said! but i think may be i get it! XD
buwahahahaa!!! Sydney! no one will recount! even if they do,you won't be satisfy! XD
this is based on Hetalia?
@selenaloong: thanks a lot! ^^-
sorry seleenalong! because of exams i won't be able to update till 2nd April!
darn it!!! more pages please!! and hey why don't you update this manga over Mangamagazine?
>.< i can't wait to see what happen next!
hey i just realized something!this is based on a poem in kids book.... may be its name was my shadow?
XD it was really good and funny story! i would have added it to my fav. but i don't think there would be any updates of it! ^^"
wow~ it is quite cool!
@cata.usagi: may be cause i am a genius! XD
@SakuyaLuigi: yeah right! XD
this image was drawn by Selenaloog and i just colored it! ^^
1st page was drawn by someone else 2 years ago...
but now i am drawing this manga/comic
check this out here
@selenaloong: thanks a lot!! ^^ i was thinking of making him as Punky