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I love giggling at random stuff, reading lots and lots of comics on smackjeeves. Am currently amassing an army cats, to overthrow the army of mice i reared last year. Who knew it wasn't a good idea? :p

I babble about a lot of nothing, and in the real world I spend my time pretending I have customer service skills. lol
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March 16th, 2019
@SeasonalDistress: i'm lost also. We were with his friend, but we're seeing Cameron now? Is he narrating now?
Is she upset because cocoa keeps trying to lift her skirt without realizing in front of a guy?
Wow.... hostile much... hahaha. Looks a lot like Teal, but not a psychopathic scarecrow, But then again. I'm not sure what one IS supposed up look like. Haha. I love the pouty hurt look in the background.. lol
February 11th, 2019
I can't help the bad feeling, that it will turn out badly and Sooch will end up angry at Howie, and all their progress will be lost. I really hope not, but it's a feeling. Btw, just a side note, the backgrounds with the music notes and party scenes are really nice. ♡
February 11th, 2019
Oh boys... this is going to turn out bad, i feel it coming, and then what progress they've made together, will disappear.
February 2nd, 2019
I clicked your link, and it seems to broken? It says there's nothing there. Hmm
His angry monster teefies are so cute.
Hahaha.. called it. ♡
Haha.. these are basic facts that yes you should probably know... i see a small, but shocking age gap, just to floor Teal... lol
I seriously don't post comments hardly ever, but i can't help it with your comic These two are just too adorable.
Aaww. Ther two i swear can't get any cuter! Real you secret softy
January 12th, 2019
Sorry, this page is kind of confusing. Its like a part was missing. The last page finishes with him saying he has to leave, but by the way this page started. "Why not?" - and then "um yeah i guess that works" so it doesn't make total sense. It seems like he should have said. "Hey what if you join us? Or.. do you want to pretend to be a kid and come hang with us?". sorry i'm not trying to be rude, just seems like a weird jump in the dialogue.
I don't even know what to ask, I just love the surprises in this comic.. lol.
Aaaw it's now officially, official.
Haha. That's for a great update, this comic always puts me in such a great mood! :D
Hahaha! That reaction was so fucking cute!
@Seruta: i'm thinking like you.. maybe cattle rustling? Maybe Wes really being the bad guy? So many options.. lol
December 22nd, 2018
Thank you.. though i'm kinda sad you forget about us.. lol
December 22nd, 2018
Truest statement in this whole story.
Aaaw Teal, just go with it cutie