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I love giggling at random stuff, reading lots and lots of comics on smackjeeves. Am currently amassing an army cats, to overthrow the army of mice i reared last year. Who knew it wasn't a good idea? :p

I babble about a lot of nothing, and in the real world I spend my time pretending I have customer service skills. lol
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Quite a bit... this format wouldn't let me edit the mistakes.
I thought he was quiet a but younger.. so now the tables have turned.
So true right! He doesn't exactly look like he gives a damn if you're there or not. Get a clue honey!
@boiseboo: just curious wby you want to laugh? Cause it looks like they're about to give him a painful wedgie or something similar. Or do you think something different is about to happen?
@nominee84: just starting to read it, but i can see the future story reveal behind 'matching with out samples' :)
Time is a little tight, and the pages aren't very well done of late, but I'd rather get something up, than keep procrastinating. Hope your'e still reading.
September 13th, 2017
silly... silly boy. I haven't commented in forever, but I've been here since you first started posting, and I'm still loving the story!
wow.. it's been almost half a year.. and this is a really quickly sketched crappy page... and i'm sorry, I just wanted to get it up there, I'm trying to find more time to get these updates going again. either way I'm not letting the comic die, so bare with me. And thanks for still reading. <3

ALSO my image hoster is now charging to link stuff, so I went with this stock background till i can get my page the way I want it again.
September 8th, 2017
omg.. if Lilu isn't enough of a cockblocker now Aspers little buddies.. what's an incubus to do!! hehehe

On a side note,, everytime I read Lilu.. In my head i finish it wth.. Lilu Dallas Multipass...hehe
@SimpleGeek451: sadly it really doesn't matter. As a red head, I can say from personal experience, you hear it all. And so much worse.
Thanks for the update. And don't sweat the changes. :)
I missed this posting back in June, but I'm glad to see you are still creating. :) Take your time and post when you can. I'm still reading. :D
July 20th, 2017
Great comic updates as always. May I suggest though you change foreplay to small talk. Foreplay is for sex, and I don't see Taavi switching teams any time soon. :D
Why is it a waste?
She commented earlier, about how she didn't want her dad seeing her box of yaoi. So looking at her room, it's safe to say, he wouldn't be too surprised.Lol
Pretty... Not puerto
I bought two books from a hari krishna at the L.A. airport like 20 years ago, for Puerto much the same reason, and price too. I'm sure they're around somewhere. Lol
I'm not complaining about the scene.. totally sexy. But he really could solve all this conflict by .. just talking to the guy and clear up the misconceptions. .lol. And they say women are complicated..hehehe
@Rupturass: I remember the old commercial where the UK guy was in NZ and needed a condom and wanted Durex and ended up with the tape, and just tried to tape his Willie, cause he was desperate...Lol
His face is priceless..Lol.