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Hellooooo! I'm Ninvampirate2011. I'm currently going to school and torn between Creative Writing and Internet Studies. I guess that means I want to be a director, kind of? But for now, comics :D
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Sorry for the delay!
We should be back to the usual weekly schedule from now on
@inubasket: Yyyyeah, not the most cheerful way to introduce James ^^;
Sorry it's late!
Thank ya, darlin'!
@Blackearsbunny: I appreciate all the love you gave on both our website and dA! I hope you'll stick around for more, it's gonna get better!
@LuckyDucky: No, she's 21. XD Goodness, don't have a heart attack!

Oh! And for future reference, whenever you want to know age, just click on the "About" link at the top for the character bios. ^^
The last page of the prelude is drawing near! As promised, there will be new story elements as faaar as the eye can seee... -sweeps the air with arm dramatically- Thanks for reading, guys!
@sweetyaoilovergirlz: Okay, good ^^ Well, thanks for reading~
Details, details...
If you have trouble seeing the details, click here!
@sweetyaoilovergirlz: At the risk of sounding like a complete jerk, I'm glad I got the reaction I was aiming for.
Thanks a lot!
@Matthias11988: Yay, PW works! I'm still new at it ^^; I'm glad you like our comic! It updates every Friday, if you want to stick around~
Hello, audience...? -crosses fingers-
OKAY, this is what we have so far. I'm exhausted, but I hope you like it~
@bellamew: Sure thing. Sorry, I'm still kinda new at this