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Seal and Penguin are a comic team. Seal creates the jokes, Penguin draws the pictures. It's just that simple, folks. Visit us at and
re: elctropenguin
haha thanks, that's good to hear!
The other story...
There are two sides in the Blood Red Version war.
About War
That's really funny that you mentioned Surge and the war in your comic-- that's what my comic is all about!!! I guess it's something a lot of people wondered about.
its cool to see how much this comic changes from first page to most recent
Sure, no reason why she can't keep one as a pet and battle with another, right?
It'd be like Spyro
Remember in the first (and only good) Spyro game when you could glide most of the time and then really FLY in certain levels. That's what I figured this armor would be like: a chicken flight any time you wanted, chicken or no.
Comic 100
Hia All! Visit to read more comics! I couldn't post them here because many of them are flash files.
Well that's awesome.
* Impy's Flawed Logic
In Impy's idylic candy-land of a personal (and maybe a bit delusional?) reality, life is wonderful and good and fair.
Hee Hee
Yes, I know I know- it's all on dA. Still, posting more comics brings in viewers! :)
Out of Context
Just so everyone knows, this comic has nothing to do with the plot line. It's just a random interjection I put in to make up for how long it was taking to put out the NEXT comic on deviantART. :)
This is joke back from comic 9 and 9.5! Remember that whole SOAP thing?
Beats me! Maybe no one is paying anymore attention?
Oh, and incase you're wondering, no, I do not know what happened to Souper Sheff's hand in that second to last panel.
Good Idea
Why, of course! The best place to go would be
to find the ARC Files comic. The ARC Files are also here on smackjeeves, but it's only the first few pages- So Far!
Go Tom! Go Tom!
Yeea-ah! Way to take 'em out, Tom!
It's the very first comic!!! Look how old-school they were! (I don't mean to spoil it, but, like all comics, the definitely change over time!!)
I always wondered why sometimes Link just doesn't wear pants
Okay, I don't know how many of you hang out on deviantART, but if you haven't been to The Flying Penguin page or seen the 50last comics there, NOW IS THE TIME TO GO! There happens to be another clone comic on DA that takes place on Kamino, and the author of that comic and I have just started a crossover! So that weird looking clone is just a guy from another comic! Respawning is tricky business!
Fear Not!
Don't Worry: This isn't the end of the series, not AT ALL! This is just the end of Season Two! (un)happy back to school, everyone!