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I love reading and collecting old things, like thimbles, pens and china/porcelain dolls. I love old-fashioned doll houses, I love anything old. My grandmother should be in jail for child abuse, and I hate her. I love anime/manga.My favorites are Pandora Hearts and "The Snow Queen."
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    Leslie-Jane Moore
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I am so happy I could cry!!! ^.^
I have not laughed so hard in ages. The last couple pages were fucking awesome. Well, this entire comic is amazing, but....IDK This just totally made my day. ^.^
I love him! He is so sweet, I wish he were my son! Or brother, either way, it isn't much of a differnce to me.
the croc
I'd just like to mention that positively SHUDDERED when "heard"/saw the croc, she is impressive!!!
@TriaElf9: I know that this is totally butting in, but I hope you DO make 'The Secret Garden' because it, along with Peter Pan of course, is one of my most favorite of books.
tiger lily
Oh, she IS beautiful! I wish I were as pretty as her.
thank you
I am so glad you put this part in, I love it, it is very beautiful.
"Z" left me shattered, let's see what this will do
I love their conversations, it really shows their relationship. I sense a heaviness, but we haven't come to the problem yet. I wonder what it is.
August 26th, 2013
messed up schools
@Artic-fox1: My school wanted to give the teachers guns, XD.
August 26th, 2013
That lady is annoying as hell. Grrrr, I totally hate it when people do that.
August 26th, 2013
group projects
I hate them because either they don't let me do ANYTHING, or they make me do EVERYTHING. And then tell me I'm dumb when it's done. It's like, well at least I did SOMETHING.
August 26th, 2013
The line "A life without choice is no life at all" speaks to me personally, because my mother had a life like that, and I often find myself following in her footsteps. This comic is great, very deep and psychological.
August 26th, 2013
Miss Emotional
I think this comic is going to make me cry.
August 26th, 2013
I like Zoe. She's hard and sharp. Not all soft and mushy, like me, lol. But she does remind me of some of my friends.
August 26th, 2013
I think the dude is just nervous and doesn't know how to talk about this. I mean, it's awkward, and sad, too. So I don't think he talks like that on a regular basis; plus, her reaction probably isn't what he expected. She's not sobbing, or anything. That would probably be easier to deal with.
Miss Clueless
Ohhhhh.... He isn't dead? Lol. I was like "Dead. Totally dead." and then he wasn't. ^.^
That boy looks like he's about to cry. Maybe it's just the light.
I love how Thanatos is all like what did you do THIS time?
The pomegranets. Lololololol, eat them, Persephone, eat them quick, before they can take you away!!!!!
Stupid Zeus! Yelling at little Hermes like that!!! But Hermes is so adorable and little and KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!