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The last preview, giving us the kind- hearted Holly.
This is HatersInHeaven's character, Rodney. Definitely confident, maybe a little too confident. Eep only one left.
Maybe Eliot will follow through and not be as strategic as everyone else.
@StarMan45: On TBL people starve themselves and never drink water, and when they return home most regain the weight. So.... logical choice. LOL.
Maddison has confidence... in everything except her body. And eep only 3 left.
Aw :( Well Elli was never anything that special, other than the Nikki thing. But it's still saddening to see her go.


1. Alexandra
2. Danny
3. Paul
4. Grimsby
5. Valerie
6. Louise
7. Ellie
8. Brandy
9. Allegro
10. Zack

Tbh the only I dislike for now is Zack, the cast is pretty enjoyable.
@StarMan45: I dont remember specifically saying there was 16, but hehe yeah there's 20 ^_^
Eek surprise there aren't just 16 contestants. Sorry for the long wait but I'm back on track now :) Anyways, I think it goes without saying that Kelvin is the most excited for LaSurvivor to start.
Lmao I was in the middle of school trying to reply xP

Anyways this was kind of confusing since I dont think we knew about the lines still being tribal, but it makes sense. Even if Zack goes with Comori the best they can do is tie it up. I dont get Danny's plan, cause you know.... it's a fake idol. It wont do anything.
That move was stupid, all he had to do was choose someone. Now he's out because of his own stupid mistake pwnt.
@Vilecheese: What do you expect, they're all 18/17/16/14
First of all I'm realllllllllyyyyyyyy sorry I'm so late on this. I completely forgot yesterday and I just woke up from a nap, so I whipped this up real quick before it got too late. Second, Sebastian is an interesting case, maybe he can make it further than he thinks he can.
@rac567: 50 bucks on either Paine, because he's too smart and threatening for his tribe to trust him, Crisco for the same reason and that he's out of shape, or Artemis because she might be considered a bigger threat out of her (maybe minority) and Flay's alliance and she might be a better option to take out early. Idk I don't think it's gonna be too obvious for someone like Sexy or Angel/Casey/Dwayne to go so early
@SPDark: ilu. Idek why I'm commenting on SJ anywho oopsies c:
Can Megan prove that nice girls CAN win?
@Tailslover13: Please I said it first. I wish you wouldn't be so cruel to me.
@Tailslover13: Eep your in for a surprise :)
@Tailslover13: Well duh she wont have time to be cruel because she'll be too busy being a coattailrider.

Oops sorry SWSU