I'm a derp.
I really like the lighting you've been using in this scene. Also, :o!!

I promised myself a couple of years back I'd want to visit Japan for my 30th! (With me saving up little by little for a few years, but I really have to thank my boyfriend for pulling through since I was recently laid off!) It was really fun and delicious, but it also made me more broke because I kept buying too much cutesy stuff!

I hope that one day you get the opportunity to visit them too! :D
Last page of this scene, finaaalllyyy!!! (Jumps with joy!)

I get to introduce another character to the chapter in the next scene, so that's kind of exciting!

I don't know when I can work on the next page, as I'm in Japan right now (whoo!). This page was set to upload today, but I finished it within a week of the last! A new personal score!

Of course, if you guys like the comic, please share!
I think this is a good stopping point! Though I wonder what Doppleganger Selina will do next! :o
@Livin4thelamb: Ha! Glad to hear that then :)!
@Livin4thelamb: Yikes! Sorry to hear about that. Here's hoping that your future becomes brighter. In the meantime, I'll keep reading your stuff!
@Livin4thelamb: Thanks! Still on the funemployment a month later! Hope your new job is going well :)
Ugh, I know I said I should have more time but I had so much going on the last month. I finally took some time to sit down and finish up this weekend. I hope I don't spot any mistakes cause I spent too much time on this page. 8D
Lucky for you guys, I'm currently on funemployment. Hopefully this means more frequent page updates until I find another job.

I wish I could put up a Patreon but I feel like it's too early for that. Someday... someday I'll work on this full time instead. :)

(UGH I HATE this last panel! lol)
This is interesting :)! I wonder how this story will pan out.
oh no wat to do?
Amycus! Stop overreacting to everything!
lol nevermind I'm too busy to even do this monthly. But I'm trying. u_u
At the rate I'm going now, I think I can expect to spit out pages about every two weeks. Unless I can draw faster or am able to quit my full time job. (Did you guys know I might also go back to school, hopefully within the next year a_a?)
Me too, Amycus. It's been three years. I'm ashamed.
Page Fifteen
Augh I am so terrible at perspective. This comic is forcing me to try new skills :C (Which I desperately need to practice. >_< It's becoming a learning experience for me (: )

One more page until the end of this "prequel"!
@AmyOf Darkness:
Thanks for your opinion on the comic! I don't mind long responses, it's just more for me to read about how I'm doing! :D

I'm not too worried about lack of feedback right now, I know it's too early for that, rofl. I've seen a steady increase of hits per update, and for now, that in itself makes me content enough.

As for the charms, I was greedy and wanted some of my own, so I put in an order. I've given some to my friends, but I have so many to spare x_x I plan to sell them at the indie con near where I live next year. I'll open a store sometime and "try" to sell them there lol.
I really don't want to give up this project, as I still haven't introduced my "main" character. It's too early for it to die! However, these updates are horribly spaced and sporadic, and I feel like people are disappointed in that. I honestly wish I had more time for me to work on this, and that's what has got me down. Knowing that I could really never make a living off my art, so I have to rely on getting another degree just to get by in life. Thankfully, it is a scholarship, so I don't have to worry about the financial things of that.
Page Fourteen
Sorry for the wait for this one!
Page Thirteen
Hey guys! Here's page thirteen for y'all. I'm finally done with summer semester, but am visiting my good friend Brenda while I still have the chance, so I took a little longer than I would have liked on this page. Worrying about finals and about catching those planes, then joined her for DCAF! (Not as a vendor, just tagged along.)

Hope you all had a good summer! I start a more busy fall semester next Monday! (:
Page Twelve
Here's page twelve. I try to make my page layouts interesting but by the looks of this, sometimes I wonder if I have any idea how to layout or use colors... or do word bubbles. D:

Also Terwyn is tired of giving the same explanation over and over again.