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I'm a derp.
Silas: Goddamn it, I knew she was a fake Selina! She keeps killing my people!

I’m just joking but yay! She’s freeeee! (I’m sure she’ll be blamed for this too!)
Silas: welp this wedding’s been going great so far-WHY IS THERE A DRAGON KILLING MY WIFE AND OH GOD IS MY FATHER!

Also (and while I’ve known this would happen). Gasp!
Sigh. Sorry for disappearing for an ENTIRE MONTH guys, without a word. I was too busy brooding and moping around the house again. I haven't been myself lately, and I had to fight a cold (still fighting it) this past week so I found myself with little time dedicated to drawing this page, which was mostly done on the night it should have been updated on. I don't really like to share my little sad episodes online, but I'm not really in the right state of mind for life.exe right now.

Sadly, it is with a heavy heart that I must announce a hiatus for the webcomic. It is indefinitely for now, but I really hope I can get back into it sometime this year. Again, sorry for dropping out of the earth only to return with such crappy news. u_u
You guys can keep in touch with me through my twitter or instagram (@trtfcomic and @summerdamsel, respectively).

Thanks for all your support. You guys know who y'all are. (:

Incidentally, this page leaves y'all staring at an empty blank page. Fitting, isn't it? lol
You drew the horses pretty well. *Has never drawn a horse before*
@Livin4thelamb: Curse my southern dialect coming out xD
@Livin4thelamb: Aah, thank you! I'll fix it later when I can :)
lol the men in my universe lack packages sorry ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This posture was extremely hard to draw but I'm -somewhat- satisfied with it... I can't wait for the next few pages lol... but at the same time dread the amount of work/school I'll be doing at the same time starting next month.

Edit: I always find something to edit in these pages after publishing them -_-
Finally some Selas fluff! AFTER the horrible turn of events in the comic for the couple :<
@Livin4thelamb: Ah, that's Terwyn Mihn. (See, this is why I need that page but I suck at websites lol)
@Livin4thelamb: The green haired one? (I should really redo this website and put a character page...)
Elwyn disapproves of you messing around with Mathel, Amycus.

Sorry for not being able to upload last week guys! I felt like I had so much going on the last few weeks but things have settled! In exchange for not doing so, I'm uploading this page now (versus tomorrow!)

I didn't get the job, but I'm not too bummed about it, as I see this as a sign to try and get that degree! I'll have to see whether I can make it work, and then I start school next semester! In the meantime, I got all these days off (except for the hours I make myself work with my handy car and Lyft), and no more secret projects to work on the side, SO that hopefully means more productivity until the new semester! Wish my productivity luck, guys!
@Livin4thelamb: She can turn into a draggo again and destroy that cell! (Or defend herself, but that wouldn't help her situation.)
Oh no Selina run! D:

So I won’t know until the New Year what happens to her??
I was so wrong xD! But guessing is fun!
@NellyOnly: A hiatus isn't a bad idea but I'm afraid it's a fine line for me. If I start thinking "Well, I can work on it later, I told people I'm on a Hiatus", I'm afraid of it extending to a few years ago, lol. (The reason for my first hiatus was because my hard drive crashed with my files u_u; ... and I let myself be lazy until I picked this up again...)
@Livin4thelamb: Thanks! Don't worry, if I get a full time job, I'll keep doing my best to churn out pages, just not on a weekly basis! (I don't trust myself to be that fast lol)
@chickey: Thanks! I'll open up a Patreon someday when I have more pages under my belt. (Though if there's another service like Patreon instead, I may do that instead since it seems Patreon will charge heavier fees over to Patrons, and I'd rather not them pay more because they're getting greedy.)

In the meantime, I'll do my best to keep updating. I'm having fun drawing these pages, even though coloring takes FOREVAH.
“Ball of light” works too! Also I guess touching it is what changes her? (I’ll find out in the next pages to see what happens!)
He didn't mean it literally, Mathel, god...

I know you guys are probably tired on waiting on me (and hearing my lame excuses), but these pages are taking me a lot longer to finish now, and I'm finding myself with less and less free time.

And sadly I may have bad news for the future of this comic. If I manage to get the job I'm interviewing for on Monday, the updates are going to slow down. A lot. I'm going to do my best to at least update weekly, if not bi-monthly (or is it bi-weekly?). If I don't get that job, then I guess life is telling me to go pursue a degree that will further my existing one. If that's the case, I'll become a full time student, which is actually worse for the comic since it's a math/science heavy degree, and I remember that sucked the life outta me back when I was a student on my first degree.

In the meantime, I encourage anyone who wants to follow my updates to follow me on twitter @trtfcomic
I'll post the comic updates as they are released there, or you may find out news in case they are delayed. Eventually, I'd like to open a Patreon or something to help supplement the comic, but maybe when Chapter 1 is over?

P.S.: Researching how to draw fire without making it look too cartoony or too real took a few more hours than necessary, but I am really happy with the result!
I'm surprised how well she's being treated (clean dungeons, she was fed, kept comfortable, etc..) here, but I suppose it's because the king is kind-hearted (he offered to let Selina in, if I remember that far back) and it extends to his prisoners as well. Also, I'm going to assume that last speech bubble belongs to Silas since he's stuck in the castle?