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I'm a derp.
@Livin4thelamb: lol there is much truth to that!
@chickey: I wish I could put Amycus' inner dialogue sometimes! You'll see part of the reason why on the next page.

But I also share his hatred, as an artist. Mathel is difficult to draw :C
so it begins... dun dun dun! (Will I get to see a battle :D?)
Oh hi Mathel you're back!

hahahaha I hope I don't spot anything I need to change after uploading q_q

(please send helpp this page drained my life)

Edit: LOL I did find a few things to change after all.
I'm glad you're jumping into comics, but don't force yourself! I know it's a lot of work that goes into it (mines take 10-20 hours, depending on the page), so take care of yourself first and foremost!

If you would like some tips on inking digitally, I wouldn't mind sharing my own. I only use Photoshop though, so I can only share my knowledge using those tools.

Otherwise, this looks great, and while I want you to take your time, I'd like to see more. (I would have to re-read this too, someday!)
@Livin4thelamb: Would it have bugged you this week if you didn't know? lol

(I am a pos but I had to. I don't mean to offend, if it does!)
Call me a sadist but I love tortured characters (internally, of course). This side of me does not apply to real people though.

And yes, the King makes sense here! Why not gain evidence from all sides before JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS SILAS GOD.

Don't mind me, please continue.
@Livin4thelamb: Thanks! I worked on the background quite a bit, as simple as it looks.

And he is speaking in their native tongue! (Specifically Gaer'Dian Solar Elven. She's a Gaer'Dian Lunar Elf, but their languages are so similar that she is able to understand his version of Elven.)

Terwyn actually speaks this in Page Nine and so forth, and it's probably the only page where I state that at the bottom of the page.
A kabedon is spotted!
Finally caught up! I really enjoy the pacing in your comic, though now I feel impatient in finding out what's going with Beive and her wings, and just the other mysteries in general. The art is nice and consistent, I really like the style (and I love their noses.) Keep up the good work! :)
"All you do is talk in circles." Is this what he meant?
"What's a girl" would make more sense, unless this is her manner of speaking. (And if so, ignore me xD)
Spotted a spelling error on the "being" in the last panel!
@NellyOnly: I'm also ESL! So my suggestions may still be wrong, but should make better sense now! I'll be sure to bring up other words if I see them, then! :)
@NellyOnly: Thanks! :)
@chickey: Thanks! As for the girl, she's actually feeling sad relief, but I feel I didn't do a great job displaying that lol.
Thanks! I'll keep doing my best!
I'm slowly reading through this story and you're probably going to hate me for nitpicking, but! "-too far gone." versus "to" and "-well paying-" versus "payed". So far, the story has been interesting (but I'm far too busy to read it as often as I'd like). Keep it up!
hrrrggh this is probably the most difficult page (background/lighting wise) I've worked on yet. And I still find that I didn't do such a good job on it lol e_e