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i like to draw and have fun
i have a lot of ideas but 90% are awful
i get lonely easy and quick
i SUCK at technology
i dont know what im drawing untill i get to the end of it
comment questions to know more... or not... i dont care...
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    robert mcintyre
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@BattleStarX: what did you expect, they are the beings of evil.
@Takai: the rat fears the pink
@Cave: it looks dead...
December 11th, 2013
@thedragonslayr: he really is missing out.
@Kikaharu: um i think it a "i gonna f*** you up and eat you" kind
@Overshadowed: true that, maybe he could use alchemy to make some limbs though... (first comment!!!!)
i have a bad felling that thats not caldwell and or its a trap of some sort.
this is a cool style.
April 15th, 2013
wait the mimic eats the gold?
@galaxyspark: nah has to whiskey. jk. nice work on setting the stage for character growth.
@Vi: yes it is but since its a bet it would be legal in this case i believe and it was the plot for team plasma and team rocket i believe.
artist bump
@Moo Moo: yeah i know how u feel but on my ring finger it just got really soft.
ap bio
i took ap bio too!!!