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Creator of worlds, Destroyer of pens.

And so, it begins again...
I love the foxes :) Awesome work as always.
Litterally made me laugh out loud :)
Bogdan: I knew this enormous rock would come in useful someday!
RIP creepy man thing.
Aww, they all look pretty cosy.
Nom nom nom
Nom nom
I like the inner monologue, feels like a nice conclusion to the beginning with even more epicness to come.

I'm planning to make my characters paramedics. If there's not an ambulance rusting away on site somewhere perhaps it would be bought after they receive the hospital's budget? Just wanted to run that past everyone to check that's okay ^.^
So happy I stumbled across this gem of a comic. Your art is incredible and I love the story too. Look forward to reading more.
Sleep tight,
don't let the maggots bite...
Finally, a friend
All tucked in and ready for bed. Hope he washed that sock... probably not.
Let's pretend I was never gone.

Hope this page works out, never did manage to find my old software so having to use GIMP.
RIP dude
July is 100% badass :P

Are you still open to new characters?
*Notices two new characters*
*A chubby...*
*...And a big pink one eyed 'monster'*
*Decides that he's an irredeemable pervert and runs off to hide in shame*
Sorry, didn't mean that as a bad thing. Did I mention I like nightmare fuel? ^^ It conveyed the moment perfectly.
Another Izzy x Louie fan :P

I think she's the only one who could handle him.
@Guest: That make three XD
That there is nightmare fuel D: Really interested to find out their background story.