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Just a small stressball doin' their best!

(Former alias on this site: Chan Tis No Longer a Guest)
I enjoy just drawing these two interacting.

Anyway! Like I said, I have hit the end of my buffer, so pages are coming as I finish them! I wish I could take a whole week off from work so I could just work on this but no I have to ""eat"" and ""pay bills"" and do other "adult" things. ridiculous.

so yeah, sorry about how long this took, hopefully the next page will be up sooner!

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OKAY SO the first time I tried to post this, the site like crashed so let's try this again!

This is a day or so late because I swapped shifts with someone at my job, and that messed up the schedule in my head. Basically: this page is late because I am an idiot. What else is new, am I right?

See y'all next week!

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ta-dah! page 2 of todays update. if you didn't see it earlier, I uploaded another page today so don't miss it!
hello!! I'm sorry this update is like...a week late, basically. Ever since I got back from metro con, work has been wild.

But anyway, here's todays update!! I'm gonna do another update in a little bit and then might have to slow down to one page a week then.

in other news, I set up a ko-fi page, so I figured I'd at least mention it here. if you're interested you can click this link. anything is appreciated c:

sidenote: I ended up really liking the third panel there. but I also like to draw a pissed of Umi, so maybe I'm biased.
Hey y'all!! I'm actually away at Metro Con this weekend! SO, for now you get a picture of Rin to tide you over until Tuesday. c:
I'm cosplaying Frisk with a flowey and I'm only mentioning it here because I'm so hype.

See you Tuesday!!
here she is!! my big, strong girl!! I know it's just a one panel page but hopefully Winona being revealed in all her glory will make up for it
See y'all Tuesday!!
I actually? like a lot about this page? i don't know why. honestly, it's probably because its so pink and I'm Weak For Pink.

this is a double update so make sure you saw the first update c:

sO im catching up to my buffer pretty quick here so I might have to slow down to one page a week updates soon. its another double update today though!!

have a good weekend y'all
Umi is always stressin'

don't forget to check back in case you missed the first page from today!! had to do a double update today because I'm an idiot and forget every tuesday.

So YEAH I just straight up forgot on Tuesday to post and then got so busy that I said screw it Saturday is double update day then. so next page'll be up in a sec!

anyways!! look!! some lore! just a little bit but lore nonetheless ya know
"?!?!" - Umi in the bottom left panel
Look at me. Updating on time. Truly scandalous.

Anyway!! The Nebula Rose Sanctuary! Nebula is the name of the town this trio of fools lives in, and this is their local rose sanctuary.

Oh and happy Fourth if you celebrate it and if you don't then happy Tuesday!!
Of course the week I change my schedule to Saturday updates is the week I close on Saturday. I'm just that good.

SO, yeah. It's after midnight but here's page one featuring the most intense juice box crush I could give you. Rin is READY.

Anyway, I better lay down or else work won't be fun. See you Tuesday!
Part One! Here we go!
So, I realized that I forgot to post yesterdays page because I'm a big ol' dingus. I'm also now realizing that Monday and Friday are the two days I always close at work so I'm just gonna change updates to Tuesday and Saturday! I don't know why I did that to myself in the first place.

Anyway this marks the end of the prologue! To anyone who's reading this thank you!!

See ya Tuesday~
I'm gonna cry I already love this boy so much???
SO this is a day late because work has been brutal the last two days. Sunday was so hectic I forgot to queue up this page and I didn't notice until I was closing on Monday.

not that it matters, but anyway!! one more page and were done with this prologue c:

see you friday!
Awww I really like this page ;w;

I like how you've been doing your paneling by the way <33

Edit: oh ALSO I'm dying because I can hear "for fucks sake" perfectly in your voice
I'm back today, but knowing me, I'll forget to queue this. So I did it ahead of time!

See ya Monday!