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Hi guys! Nice to meet you ^^
I love painting, animating and making comics ^_- I have a little family of husband and 3 cats. I work as animator and concept artist at
At my free time I'm practicing martial arts and painting ^^ Hope you'd like my Halloween story.
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Ahem!.. Here it is the last page of the first chapter. I'm tired and proud of the way I've made so far. Can't wait to start the second one. But first I should paint an extra beautiful cover for the first chapter ^^ Tell me if you'd be interested to have it printed. And prepare yourself for some more action at the second chapter, cause I'm fed up with introductions mua-ha-ha
And some more of my stylish villains :p I hope you like my vengeance fairy Kim. He's a freak, but he can appreciate art :)
Check my patreon to see my other works, and get some goodies :D
Happy Halloween!
If you are curious why I haven't been posting for so long,I've been busy surviving :) I'm not going to ask your forgiveness for this.
But you're my readers and I love you for this <3 The only thing I can promise you is that I won't give up. As long as I'm alive and maybe after death too, I'll return as a ghost and keep posting some pages Muahaha That was a side note. As you can see my pretty villains are plotting something baaad ^^ Have a great Halloween!
P.S. my patreon
I've been absent for a while now :) But I'm still alive hehe though I did ride the ambulance about 3 weeks ago. I fall on stairs holding my baby-son on my hands and counted the stairs,cause I couldn't let him go and stop my fall. He's alright :) But I did hurt my back and one arm. I hope this shitty (unlucky) period is coming to it's end for me. Things do look up lately. Stay tuned :)
P.S. aren't my villains sexy dudes! :D
Hi guys! I just want to tell you that I'm still alive,despite all the hardships. :) And now you even have means to help me. I've launched my Patreon campaign. And I'm going to add stufff there ^^ So please help me go on. Even one dollar is (cup of coffee - noo) hat or little toy for the baby :p So give us some warmth ^^
I'm in a real tough period of my life - baby,war, freelance, etc. so pardon me for taking it real slow now. I'm doing the best I can - sleeping about 4 hours and running to shelter several times a day, doesn't boost your creativity. Hope you like it.
My pregnancy vacation is coming to an end.It were crazy couple of months, trying to understand how this baby works XD But now we entered some kind of routine, so I'm back to painting a bit.. We're moving to a new place too, a bigger one, for our growing family. 3 cats and baby require some space :p So I can't promise a steady pace now, but I'll try my best to make some new pages. Thank you for reading my story ^^
@TiuanaRui: Yay! :D Thank you! <3
@ElectricGecko: Aww! Thank you! I'm working hard on them XD
Thank you! I've been taking antibiotics for 7 days,I'm better but I'm still not completely healed =/ Gotto as the doctor if I should take more.
Thank you! ^^
Hi folks! Please wait with throwing tomatoes at me for not sticking to the schedule XD
First of - this page almost killed me with details. I feel like I'm overdoing it quite a bit..
Second - god, I'm so damn pregnant, and now I've also got sick. Bleh..I can't breathe, but no pills for poor me,no-no.
To conclude I hope I'll put another page or two before my due day :) if I'll not die from sinusitis. hohoho
@christieeee: yeah! why not! Lets party! XD
January 31st, 2014
Actually same goes for me (not the starving XD - the comics) hahah You're doing great then!
January 30th, 2014
Nice start :) I feel hungry from reading it so far XD She should feed him right away! And I like your style, it looks professional and the story reads well too.
@magoleth: Thank you so much! :) This page took like forever. And I'm not that good with environments, so it goes slow. So it's crucial for me to know that people do appreciate this kind of pages XD I hope to keep your interest further. ^^
@Yuli: Thank you so much :) I like old Andrew too. He's a nice guy XD I hope I'll keep your interest further XD I work hard on it. Thank you! <3
I can't believe I've finished it today -_- I'm exhausted.. Next couple of pages are going to be another new locations.. And I promised myself to try some new angles and perspective. God, I hate environments. XD Hope you like it, guys ^_^
Sorry for taking so long XD I might overdid the upper frame.. Anyway, have a great 2014 and stay tuned! :D
@christieeee: Thank you for your kind words! :D I was an outcast too :) I still don't know who would I choose - Sid or Chasy ^^ I love them both. Don't worry, Sid will get his share of love ^^
Thank you, I'm trying my best!
@GeneralWinter: Aww!Thank you, dear! <3 I feel a bit sorry for him too XD