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I wanna go see the Milky Way!
@lucifer: Thanks!
Sore losers. So it doesn't look like the oracle was too bad a guy...
Not all spirits are so helpful... PS Eshe is like an amazing barefoot climber like wow
Kind of abrupt, but yeah she went to the bathroom and is going to make her great escape!!
Yeah, you temporary piece of crap.
Worst bedtime story ever.
Peeling back rocks.
That guy is so getting fired.
sleepy time
Alright, alright, we hear you knocked out guy.
This is the last hug. I promise.
That doesn't look healthy...
Young people! Eshe is catching on.
Fancy pamphlets!
Yeah that symbol is supposed to be of a solar eclipse. Hugging.
Beating up old men with magic. What the hell. Also, Eshe is a ninja.
Dark tunnel. More fun names!