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I like writing a lot, I read a lot of webcomics (mainly slice of life ones), I'm pansexual and don't really believe in gender boundaries. I also hate being mean. Like I'll throw up by being mean. And I'm awkward. Not cute awkward. Like throw up awkward.
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I love these to death
I got to use this today!!! Yay!!
My friend outed me to everyone in school in about 2 days and then told the girl I had a crush on that I was in love with her which made me lose her as a friend and a couple other of my friends that were girls because they were afraid I'd try to convert them. But I did learn who my really good friends were then, so I feel happier now
@bikiblood: Constantly wear long sleeved shirts
Does Shy Town contain Shy Guys?
@ProfessorLawl: I feel bad using AdBlock. All the sites I go to, I want them to get the money they get from Ads so I want to help them out that way
Figured out my sexuality (or at least part of it) watching Kim Possible. I SHIP KIGO
I asked my sex-ed teacher about teaching safe sex for gays, and she said everything they were teaching also applied to them. They only talked about condoms. ONLY CONDOMS! No dental dams or latex gloves! Very mad at her. shame sex-ed teacher shame
Had to trick my mom to get my first pixie cut, then again tricked her for a mohawk. I don't see why she keeps leaving me home alone
I watch lesbian movies with my dad (all sorts of awkward) and it really depends on (according to the ones we've seen) the nationality. French ones are all sorts of sexness but not a good story, but American ones are usually full of a lot of bullshit, but I've seen some good Hispanic ones
When I told my mom I was pansexual, her first comment was, "so you will cheat on boyiend then?" It was awkward enough to tell her, she just had to get me mad too