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This is a 2 page update. Yay.
This is officially a SKETCH comic now. My sorries, best I could do with no tablet, photoshop, or any other crap. All I have is my poor, overworked ipad and my finger.
Guh.. hard getting my brain in gear and restarting a story that was last updated years ago ^^;
Holy crap your comic is awesomeness :D
Hi! It's been a while. Anyway I've decided to remake the comic from the start. So please bear with me!
In the meantime i started a new comic called Gestalt ( Review and lemme know what you think!
March 28th, 2009
Ahhh late na ako, pero happy happy birthday!! ^_^
Hey, Silver's thoughts, for once!
Two pages up today (amazing)
This page (and the next couple of pages) SUCK.
...but I couldn't get the annoying feeling of not updating something I promised finishing out of my head for quite some time.
I'm sorry for the month(s) long delay! Things in life have been busy.. I've loaned out my laptop/PC/whatever so I've been at the mercy of internet cafes and office computers and needless to say I haven't drawn anything or even thought about the story for a while... so please excuse my lack of mad art skillz for a while. (especially since at the moment I'm STILL tablet-less)
Thanks again ^-^ I'll be posting up pages the next week or so and now that I've actually written down a script (of sorts) I'll finally finish the chapter soon.
mellyface: HAHAHAHAHAA!
I'm sorry, that just so rocked for some reason ^-^
2 pages up though
4 crappy pages up!
Yep. You read right. 4. Crap. Pages. Wish I had the photoshop talent so many other artists have ;_;
Been having a really bummer of a month :(
But I'll find my muse somehow! Now we get to the hard meaty parts of the story.
Your art leaves me in awe.
I'm looking forward to new updates!
Haven't been updating much lately >_< I'm sorry! Its not dead!

Well a new character! Who is she? Find out next page.
An update!!
My net's been going crazy the past few days but now I can finally comment! I'm so glad to see you updated!! ^____^ I'll be looking forward to the new pages L-chan! As always, let me know if you need any pages drawn (I'll sketch them as soon as I can!) ^.^
Aaaaand eventually, Silver realizes he's a dumbass.

Time to add more twists!
Silver's pretty dense. Like most men in general. xD Kiddin'. (or am I..)
*happy happy!* :3 :3
know I posted this earlier, but i think i screwed up posting it, hence this post. Hope it turns out better than last time. Anyway, I sort of redrew it (still looks bleh).

I'm sorry about my horrible, late updates so far >_< I'm starting to seriously consider getting a co-author. Anyway, any suggestions?

Anyway, till next update! (Which will be sooner.. I swear I'll try! Even if it kills me!)
My brain feels stuck... Ctrl+Alt+Del...not working..
Ive drawn and (kinda) inked the next page, and i promise when I get the time next week I'll update ^^;
My schedule this year's hellish (possibly more so than before) so I didnt get the time to ink and clean this pic up... I'll do so when I get the time.
As I said in the page... this was supposed to be a lot prettier (at least, in my mind). Dammit! Well its a little bit of practice sketching (Havent been sketching in ages.) Grr. My hand feels all stiff.

STAY TUNED FOR CHAPTER 6: Fever Dreams II: The Red Light District