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Savage Henry the Scag Barron
I was into kendo at one time, but not anymore. I Love swords and swordplay still as it is a dying art. I think it is far more fun to test yourself against an opponent using boken than by putting holes in a piece of paper. I attempt to draw but am not very good. I read alot and studied Biotechnology at KU. as far as my job or lack there of lets just say i have my ways. Some anime/mangas i like there is Bleach, Hellsing, Bebop, FLCL, and Breserker to name a Few.
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Rip i think you have a ascended from a manga savior to a divine manga God nicely done
Awesome hellsing calibur violence
Great work did not loose my readership after redux.You saved bleach and now you have your own work good to see your true style.
You have already saved bleach and suffered for Kubo's sins. So as I must finally say what i have thought since i started reading. YOU ARE WWWWAAAAAAAAYYYYY TO TALENTED TO BE FIXING STORIES YOU MUST BUILD YOUR OWN. go on and achieve greatness rip. You deserve to have your own comic series ,novel, tv show or Movie or whatever you want and you should be getting phat paid too. As the joker said if your good at something why do it for free.
you actually quite accurately capture the emotions of someone who has been raped or molested, but there is no way to describe the RAGE.even though i went though tons of shit for it i'm not sorry i burnt that motherfuckers house down at the age of 8
this is disturbing and reminds me too much of a horrible personal experience. that being said i hope Renji gets his vengeance in some explosively violent blood fest. you got me waiting to see that
Coincidentally my birthday is June 16th if you update then I'm gonna start thinking it really is the Illuminati out to get me LMFAO. keep up the good work.
I gotta hand it to you rip you really are the savior of bleach. i know i said that before but the way this wraps things up is just as good as the climax. YOU REALLY HAVE SOME DAMN FINE WORK HERE. It takes a lot to do this but i actually feel emotionally moved by your story in a deep sense beyond just "whats gonna happen next". YOU ARE TRUE ARTIST AND YOUR WORK HAS INSPIRED ME. THANK YOU FOR BEING GENEROUS ENOUGH TO SHARE YOUR GENIUS WITH ALL OF US FOR FREE.
F-ing GREAT WORK Rip!I I told your once in a personal message "you are the chosen one. The savior of Bleach." This proves it (wait if your a saviour does that make me a prophet?)You thought this whole thing out so well that it is scary good. I hated that "deus ex machina" ending to Aizen in the original manga. You gave fans the epic ending they deserve. sorry if I offend with the biblical metaphors but your story is pretty divine. Either that or you sold your soul to Satan for the necessary talent, or your an alien, or it's some Illuminati plot to overthrow the world. Most likely you are just one damn talented artist and your creation is awesome.
Of all the times i've laid down holding gin and was upset that it was spilling everywhere.
Aizens bankai is pretty horrific I think I would much rather be trapped in a nightmare created by someone else than in my own nightmare. Then again my mind is a dark and scary place.
You really made him super bad ass
@Bojack727: yeah i thought that same thing when i saw it in the original.
Ulquiorra appears utterly fascinated by the candle. It is must be difficult to make his face emote but you can tell he finds it beautiful. What you can do with such subtlety is great