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Baka Okami
Hello!! ( ^ O ^ )/" Nice to meet you, you can call me Kami-sama! |(o 3 o)| <(....) lol! Nah, just kiddin'!~ I have discovered and joined this site after discovering the youtube channel and following the tumblr page of the user ' rasneth ' and viewing their awesome web comic! I'm no artist myself, but love writing stories and hope to take art classes, in order to one day create my own comic, HUZZAH!! - That is all. ~ m(_ _)m

-Baka Okami
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Awesome, awesome!! I love the chapters about Mei and Kaa :3 Keep up the great work resenth-sama~ I'll be looking forward to the next update, take your time and relax too~ kudos to this wonderful comic
(>'o')> -(Here are some sound effects for you.)


You are welcome. ~(-3-)~
Baka Okami
December 16th, 2012
Haha. Sen is so Kawai~!
For her it appears the simple way was the hard way and the hard way was the simple way. XD
@WishingGirl - Mei-chan is a girl~ (>3<=)/"
I love Mei~ she is an epic space case~
I really love rasneth-sama's manga! It is awesome~! Agreeing with a previous comment I read I find it awesome how you use the characters facial expressions and action to express themselves instead of dialogue!