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I like anime, drawing, writing, singing, and Dragons <3
My hobbies are drawing short comics and shipping
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Hard cut to everything on fire
Rainbow-Demons, I'll have you know that's a perfectly acceptable form of wanking
I guess you could say it's a...
Blood Drive
Iku is so prettyyyyyyy~~~
It started out as a nice drawing...
then I stoped and noticed how bad it looks

so I took the obvious course of action,
I doodled all over it
" Frosty: Yep! Pretty mush xD
Frosty: Haha... mush... meant much x'D "
I made this on April 13...
(Sorry for the lack of updates T^T)
I'm gonna post all of these today
As you can see, this was never finished
the troll
The page where I made her can be found here
I got ending #5
At first I sighed because it was over.
Then I fangirled because it was so freakn' cute.
After that I went into hysterics for no reason...

That was a really good game <3
She... reminds me of my matesprit LE...

Only LE is slightly chubby and is blonde...
They look like they could be sisters though...
Oh my Kami I've missed these things
I'm gonna post random photos too from now on <3
I just got the scanner to work!

But anyway, I traded LE's sister for these cards yesterday =^w^=
I just did a legitimate spit-take for some reason...
and I don't even have a drink
Wait... Is that washcloth part of his old shirt?
By the way;
I purposely made Dirk's background red and Dave's orange