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Hey everyone! Welcome to my little corner of SmackJeeves! I'll be working on My Little Pony comics based on whatever happens to me in real life!

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YAAY Atty got his jumper back!! *bounces up and down happily*
It's okay, I'm probably way more picky than you. I'm diagnosed with Food Neophobia...;~;
So...wait...what would rack up your points exactly? xDDD
@EllaCupcake: Oh my God, this just made my night. x'D I'm laughing so hard I'm crying!
New Reader!
Wow, I'm LOVING the story so far! The art is fantastic and fills me with so many feels!

I hope you update soon~
February 12th, 2013
That made me laugh so hard! xDDD Atty's expression is GOLD!


I can't believe I caught up already.
; x ;
January 1st, 2013
Nononononononononononono! ; A ;
That's what she said! ohhohohoho~<3
Time to buy some lavender shampoo. = u = I want long flowing locks again.
Gawd that is the most hilarious name I have ever SEEN! And that...just...omg. xDDDDDDD This is a RIOT!!!! *rolling around laughing*
I was expecting colt to be blond! @ A @
Dat ass. + u +

Also, that art...*pets*
"I'M SEXY!" That was too fantastic! XDDDD *roflmao*

Gawd it's been forever since I've caught up! *u* K+S MARATHOOOOOON