I make semi okay art and make a shitty webcomic
time to learn how to fly Yoni
oh man i really do love this comic! you always do a great job!
keep up the amazing work!
i love the pacing of this comic! the angels are wonderful! the colour and use of shadow is stellar!! i adore this comic so much i get really excited with every update!
sorry about the late update! i dont have my glasses and so everything is reaaaaallly slow!
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awww thank you so much!! i update thursdays! i wish i could update more but alas school and work get in the way! thank you for reading!!
@Guest: Thank you!
haha you'll have to find out next week!
introducing roommate!
@bluestar greenmoon:

yaaaaaaaaaaaa ive gotten a lot better since the beginning of this comic. i'll redraw it someday :)
@bluestar greenmoon:
thank you so much!! nice comments like this mean a lot to me!! i hope you keep enjoying my comic! :)
Happy Valentines day! i hope you all had a good day! but for those who didnt we can all rejoice at the discount chocolate tomorrow!

I hope you all enjoy this small sketch of the 2 main idiots of this story!

also i was wondering if i did simple sketch commissions, like this drawing, would anyone be interested? they would be fairly inexpensive! if so feel free to comment ^^
we are still on schedule so chapter 2 updates will continue next week!
OH HO chapter 1 is doooooone! i hope you enjoyed it so far! thank you to all who have taken an interest! updates will continue as usual. Thursdays are my only day off from college so it all works out to get pages out on time!
@Terrafre32: oh yah this boy is 100% openly gay!
ooooooh boy a page! and ive started college and ive got a lot of work!
i dont have wifi at my house so im currently at a bookstore cuz the wifi is decent. rip me
thank you so much! <3 <3 im glad you're enjoying my content!
all that lovely jazz will be revealed soon!
oh look a new page! lets hope i have time to make a new page again for next week!
school starts the 9th of January and im stressin!
@ElectronicYaoi: heh i didnt realize i wasnt logged in last time i replied ooops

but it makes me really happy that i was able to do his character justice when i drew that comic and make him wear someone that him in your comic would wear!