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Illustrator, Draftsman and craftsman

Anime/ Manga/ Comics yep love it all. TMNT, Tank Girl, and Thundercats to Bleach, RE: Play, and
Pokemon. I love Halloween colors plus neon's!
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    Li Boggs
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The cover
Uuuhhhh,... I forgot to draw one. Sorry.
About the size
I can't make it any larger. Sorry. I vote click 'open image in tab' and you should be able to see it a little better. I'm going to fiddle around with some of the mechanics to see it I can make it easier to read.
Dear little Charles,
Never Change.
Love- Li
Here is the Fuyumine family! I will update comic.
Thanks for the advice!
@MRZ: Thanks! I'm sorry it was hard to read! I'll do my best to make it better!
Attractive Dracula? Maybe? Fail....
Lolita is on her way home.

Thanks so much for all the positive feedback!
Thank you!
@Candychains: Thanks so much! I'm glad that it keeps you hooked to your chair! :D
So I have a couple of things I want to point out.

*The final panel is nearly perfect a copy of one of the images from from _view_13.

*That being said, I am also using the coat and hood from that same listing.

*I am also will not be coloring beyond the first couple of pages. I wanted to express the fall imagery. :)
September 28th, 2014
Thank you!
I hope I don't disappoint! Thank you very much!
September 27th, 2014
Here we go!
I have been doing quiet a bit of work on getting the website and art for the first couple pages. Its taking quiet a bit longer because the first couple of pages colored because the story was inspired by the bright fall colors in the PA mountains.
September 27th, 2014
Ready for Guillotine?
Well I am.
@shanks: Wow, thank you! i hope I live up to your expectations! :3
Here we go!
You can't get something for nothing.
I haven't forgotten about this comic. I am having trouble rewriting what I forgot. Thank you hard drive for crashing. :(
Thank you!
@grifendel: There is more coming for May. :) I've finally caught up. Thanks for reading!
Thank You!
@grifendel: I am glad you relate to it! I think that was my biggest hope. :D I wanted to let others know that these things are normal. Thank you so much for comment!
Promise I will update soon! I have been so busy!
Do you want a job?
I needed a chance to color and an excuse to make sprinkles. I adore sprinkles.