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Kitsune of the Sun
I like lots of stuff and dislike little. <3
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I know there are ALOT of things wrong with this,but I'm happy with it~! Eeeehee! Adam is soooo cute!
eeeeeeeeee! <333333
@animeangelindark: I knows right?!?! I'll be posting more here soon~ It's funny that I was the last to post around this time last year!
i had to post something <3
Yeah its Tabby...
Yes i posted a page with a girl! Tabby's grading papers and enjoying a snack...and obviously in her skivvies...She really should't eat it over a book.

Tabby: I'll eat where i please >:3

well anywho..please excuse the cruddy quality. just bought a house and i dont have a scanner or internet. borrowing my family's computer right now.
mmmm something i drew last night when i started thinking about my lil telepathic boy,it must be hard to sleep at night sometimes. C:

i dont know what i did to draw panel 5 its so..weird..looking. xD meh oh well
omg! a page! TTwTT i missed drawing on this!

Selim:....*hugs Rei*
yay! x3
new page new page! *flails about*

but-but...i like the sweater vest..;.; *is wearing one*
Happy new year!!
I thought Othello would be awesome at welcoming the day!
what? xD im confused. go signal for what?
wooooo update ^^;;
This is a flashback...
umm yeah,i actually am free of work right now, so i did a page! : D
im sorry i havent done in any posts in a long while!! >< i didnt have time due to my jobs..stupid 7 days a week working. well anyway! ive been sketching some lil' pages in my new sketchbook.
well see ya laters! And have a happy new year! <3

p.s please excuse the crappy quality. my pen hates me and so does my mouse. :3
im caught up!! =w=;;
i just absolutley adore this comic! x3
update...i guess
okay okay..yes Griff is a bit emo in this pic..he just got his ass kicked by his dad for visiting his mom. this happened about 3 years after leaving his home the first time. His dad,Gene, has never liked the way he looked ((Griff ltakes after his mother,Lara)),hence why he never goes to see her. ANYWHO, Gene caught Griff on the beach,he said some nasty things,beat the crap out of him aaaaaand sent off his unconcious body back to the mainland. Griff wakes up to find his hair has been severed off,hinting him to do the same with the bond of his mother.

so thats the basic summary of the story relating to this picture.
soooo cuuuuute!!! ;.;
i really miss this collab!!
i actually doodled tabby and adam today at work. TT_TT I miss drawing them
This is amazing! O;;O
XD awww. all seme like~
Ooooh~ A comic page! : D
Tabby Tabby Tabby....we all know you could ;D