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Santa Gata
I am a freelance illustrator who specializes in pen and ink. I do most of my comics traditionally, except for the speech bubbles and the text because I have pretty horrible hand writing. However, lately I've been using the Ipad to draw webcomics because its faster and more economic,

I am a student of Law, a political scientist, a lover of history and art, and I often dabble in existentialist philosophy, critical theory, post-modernism, and feminism. All things considered, I live beyond the looking glass.
Lovely art as always. Why am I reminded of the movie "Lost Boys" by this chapter?
Santa Gata
March 25th, 2013
I find it a damn shame that this very well drawn comic has not had any ratings. This is, by far, the best page you've done. The paneling is wonderful, and the action is fluid.
Lovely art. I also like the format of your pages; your style is very clean. Your comic is easy to read. My only small critique is the lack of detailed backgrounds in most panels. Might I ask what program you use for toning?
Beating the Blacks and the Hispanics. LOLOLOL! You have a fine sense of humor.
Just an overview of what this comic is gonna be about: the setting is post WWII Manila; ripe with revolution and bustling with Cadillacs, it is a Manila beset by internal conflict; communist revolutionaries, peasant uprisings, women's rights movements, anti-imperialist organizations.

At the center of it all is a small women's rights movements, each of them struggling to sustain a revolution of their own, but at the same time they are torn apart by ideologies that they have been secretly harboring against their comrades.
Just a little taste of what the comic is going to contain. Stay tuned, folks!