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You're Back~
It's nice to see a new page.
Your probably really busy, but it's good to see that you are still continuing you Manga
Poor Guy ;w;
But I'm sure if he actually confessed he wouldn't have been rejected
Hotaru is a Basketball Pro without even trying, no wonder he's the hot shot of the school.
Aw, poor Yukimura :c
Oh the 2 finally talk~
The Bullies should know better to mess with one's Mom
Woah, He's got his Mom's eyes and skin tone but he looks a lot like his Dad.
Lol his Mom is such Dork~ xD
Aww,How Cute! Mizuki that's the Spirit!
Aww, Hotaru-kun use to have a crush on Yukimura how cute~
Awww, they are such adorable kids!!!
I really like the Cover! Oh is that woman his Mommy?
Aw, ;;A;; these two and their tragic love stories
Ah, you big idiot Hachi, it's all your fault ;;A;; Stop being a blind dummy.
I really like this cover and how many characters it has!
Such a dramatic way to end the chapter, with heartbreak and misunderstandings ;w;. Can't wait to see what happens next and how hopefully everything gets resolved.
Yui trying to understand her little bro a little better.
Yui and Shiro as young parents are so cute >w< will you be continuing their story?
Aw ;A; the crying
This page is very beautifully done by the way
Aww, Yuuki you lovey-dovey dork~<3
Love sure is a funny thing.
Even though it's painful sometimes.

I love all the sparkles, is a new romance starting to blossom? Hopefully it isn't one sided, I don't want more heartbroken people ;;w;;
Oh Hachi~
If 2 adult women are telling you to confess,do it already lol xD
So his ex got married to a romantic novelist, nice~
Poor Shimizu not know Hachi's true feelings is really hurting her. Stupid Hachi why do you have to be so blind in both senses xD