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im tendo the robot


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you might have to put xenocide into the exception list

we've not heard of him in a long-ass time and he hasn't been on skype. its pretty worrying

prolly just rl problems
It still could be worse than even.. Salad Cream.

..It could be swiss rolls.
theyre not even at the deck anymore you fucking loser
Finally. The only ship that matters.
Fuck yeah, shovel knight!

You beat me to it, so I guess I'll do King knight.
he is his own free man that listens to no other man
kable or whatever his name gets instantly replaced

shouldve seen it coming
>implying accel could get a girlfriend in the first place-

<img src = "">
god damnit snurple already did the gurren lagann reference
@Kurona: <img src = "">