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that monster got her! 0.0
well it doesn't look rushed at all!
February 10th, 2009
how i envy you! your action scenes are the best :D
February 10th, 2009
beautiful toning! *u*
wow, you're so good at drawig, i really envy you, and the story is very intriguing too, you really deserve more fans :/
December 22nd, 2008
waa, that monster is truly scary >m<
December 1st, 2008
oh, the mystery!! *w*

I hope you have good luck getting your retail job.
December 1st, 2008
oh, the mystery!! *w*

I hope you have good luck getting your retail job.
November 22nd, 2008
Every page of yours is worth the wait! >u< i admire you, your pages, character and story are always awesome!

I think the story goes along really well if you read it all over at once, but due to your updates it may kinda feel very long...maybe if you updated within long periods but instead of placing one page you placed two it would feel faster :D

However, your manga is beautiful with both little or big updates!
yaay, updates!
Roy is sexeh
November 18th, 2008
i'm a little bit confused, but is a great page <_<
wonder what is now going to happen to him...
November 18th, 2008
great cover!, Is nice to see updates ^^
jejeje X3
XD <--es lo único que se me ocurre para decir.

Ya sé que no había comentado en mucho tiempo, pero ñeñeñeeeeee, hasta me haces sentir mal.

Y eso de los memes, pues ya vez? XDDD uno que te quiere ahorrar el trabajo y tú lo obligas a que te te taggee XP

Síguele echando ganas, tú puedes!
No Dymond too, it was one of my favest comics....

I guess i'll have to watch you on DA then *go and watches*
man...that's what i'd call bad news since it was mighty fun; but it's alright, if you don't feel comfortable with it, maybe the better thing to do is actually end it.


may i ask you something?, can i use the image of the banner (Sonic and CIA) for a signature on a forum?
He makes a good main character, in few pages you've managed to develop his personality and that's quite hard to do, also i love your style, clean but still a little bit sketchy with a lot of "movement"

please upload soon!, this looks very promising!
Whoa!, great cover <u<
Noooo!, you've totally hooked me!
I LOVE this manga, i LOVE this manga!!.
Please put more soon TT_TT i'll cry if you don't.
Your lineart is so clean and you draw Al incredible well (i find him very difficult)
please keep it on!, i can't wait to see what will happen next
Poor child!, menaced by such a monster...

He looks kinda older in this page, anyway.