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kesha wih a dollar sign
lolz guys i am totes crazy and i love this website because you all are great artists i am a writer but i can't draw comics to save my life so i probably won't be making any haha XD but hey if you have writers block i will help hehe oh and i am gay XP
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i love this comic it is one of the best love stories i have ever read and i love the artwork. please keep working on it. it is beautiful
Dear author of this comic.
Thank you so much for writing this in the first place, it is truly genius and i love it a lot. Thank you again for keeping all of us posted on the developments of the comic. And lastly thank you for putting up with our angst and desire for more, You're one of the best ever.
chris is officially my favorite and this is so dramatic! AHHHHH great now my inner fan girl is out
you are welcome
of course we love it, it's a great story
i'm exciting
i wanna hear the story haha can't wait
*O* OMGASP!!!!