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I'm a guy who clearly likes to make comics.
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    Either Torch or Raz
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All I can say is...
This is pretty epic.
Huh. Kinda sounds like the same fungus ice from Eureka. For those of you unaware Eureka is a show on the SyFy channel.(Ura that is so stupid... There was nothing wrong with SciFi which is the actual shortening of Science Fiction. And yes I felt the need to share my opinion on this.)
@mzpblue: Actually with anthrosmorph's its not techiniclly bestiality.(Though I guess it could) For it to be bestiality you need a human OR anthromorph with an average animal or as I like to say Feral.
Much like Zach and Dark I am thankful for my friends and family. Kinny more so for helping me with my project.(Which should now be our project not just mine for how much help that has been to given me.)
Yea like Kinny said you are not ignored it is just people are busy or preoccupied with stuff.
Nice man real nice. Keep up the work. You know I should really update as well but my current schedule has me all fucked up and crap...
Omega you have steam?! Heh and Here I was think it was starting to go dark because of how little it mentioned anymore. Anyway yea I know whats thats like when I was trying to download HL2, UaW:EA and Killing floor again..... It sucks when that happens... Anyway PM me your steam name and have fun playing Skyrim I hope to save up the cash to buy it soon.(Hell it'll probably be at the beginning of 2012... What with the holidays coming up and all.)
(Heh break fourth wall(Could this count?) Is fun!)
(Comic me)Heheh sorry about that Omega and if it means anything once the fires are out and you've hidden on the moon base a while and once I rip those cameras of yours out of my room you sick S.O.B. and not to mention that scanner in my room you think I don't know about that I'll destroy. You should be in the clear. Yea I know about what you've been up too and I know about that moon base as well. You know for someone so secretive you sure do skimp on the cash for bug detector jammers and antihack software.
Alright so here is my update for Hallows end. By the way if anyone is off character then I am sorry about that.
Did she just buy an erotic book/mag?

Also Omega I finally did that compare several times on prebuilds and custom PCs. But I am not going to get back into that unless you want to discuss it.
@kinny-man: Thank you. It was a pain in the arse but I'm happy with it

@Omega001: Maybe maybe not I probably might have still spent 300 on brand new comp with inferior parts. I think I got more bang for my buck doing what I did. In fact I know I did. I did a double check on the dell site I would have payed 300 for a new comp with more inferior parts then I have now. Now had i replaced ALL the parts in my comp then mayb... Well no I think buying the parts might still be cheaper then buying a prebuilt of the same quality. Get back to me on that when I double check it. Sorry I am trying not to be an arse or trying to rant again.
ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! I HAVE JUST ENDURED ABOUT 2 MONTHS(maybe 1 and half) WORTH OF HELL!!! FIRST MY CABLE BREAKS THEN MY ETHERNET PORT BREAKS THEN I BUY 230$ WORTH OF PC CRAP(Mobo CPU Mem) ONLY TO GET A BLACK SCREEN OF DEATH(Easily fixed) THEN MY GOD DANG H.D.D. FUDGES UP ON ME THEN I HAVE TO SPENDS ANOTHER GOD DANG 50$ IN A NEW SATA DRIVE! WORST FUDGING HELL I CAN IMAGINE! ... Ok I think I've got it out of my system now so anyway yeah I went though hell upgrading this dang thing but worth it. So MAYBE I'll have an update on the comic up by the end of the month but most likely a week after the start of next month.

Thanks for letting me vent my anger and sorta not really express my happiness about upgrading comp. I tried to keep my language clean. See yall later and Zach thank you for not booting my sorry ass.
Oh poor Naoki It seems he may never catch a break. Also I wounder will we see a bit more into his past? Anyway great as always keep up the work!

Oh and Banner voted for! Hope you win! *Throws up a peace hand gesture*
Oi poor Zach he's going to be dead before all this is over.
And already Our localized natural disaster is causing problems. Lol Nice to have ya here Silver.
Yea I have to agree with Zach on that one.

Also Leonite I am glad you took what I said about text and bubbles into consideration. They are much easier to read this time around.
G.Dude who are you? Really Your acting like we're meant to know you.


Lol I am just kidding whats up Silver? Long time no chat.
Wow thats... thats sad really... I feel sorry for her now.

As always beautiful comic please keep it up. Also I two would love to see how you do your work.

Edit (21:18): I just realize Hotaru and Hotarugari mean "Firefly" and "Firefly Catching" and Yumi's brother wanted to go Firefly Catching. Now dispite the obvious I believe I am about to ask a really stupid question. Is the reason she named the kitsune Hotaru in correlation to her flashbacks?
Wow thats the biggest nose bleed out of the eight comics.
Hell man no biggie I mean I had to stop spriting for a while cause I had RL Shit to do as well. But it is quite coincidental that you update this on the exact same day I decide to slowly get back into spriting. Anyway great job man and nice to have you back.

I'll try to start updating this as well. Though I doubt I will be able to keep up with your skill.