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I'm a pixel artist that has returned to this site for who knows why!! Oh well, who has my cookies?
It's finally done...
This took me about a month to do. I remade the album cover for the remaster album "Mythos". I did it all by hand in GraphicsGale, and it took longer doing it by hand in that program only. There's about 1,244 different colors in this pic. Enjoy!!
Same, I use the Create. Larger space to work with. :D
Awesome, never did pixel art with mine. xD Which do you use?
Being fancy with coffee? Awesome!! :D Did you do this with a graphics tablet?
@Salimus: Sweet, but which series was this from Digimon? Been so long since I saw it. xD
This is very cool, and awesome. Never knew the idea of the design were based on the Chinese Zodiac. Well, that's the same thing with Magikarp, too.
Awesome!! Why didn't anybody do it sooner? xD
I love the details and color palette you used for it. :D
Why do you say that? xD
I mentioned on Nipde's sprite that I made one for Gar, and this is it. I'm enjoying the fact that I'm getting better, and I'm glad with these two sprites. Enjoy!!
This was for one of my friends, Nipde. When you're bored, you do anything. I did one for Gar before this (uploading it, later), and both were based on their Twitter avatars. I hope you enjoy it!! :D