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I'm a teenaged artist who is hoping to make her mark on the world with her own small comic. After going through hell with a couple hosts, I hope to settle here. :)
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I told you it'd be up on Friday, Bunneh! I TOLD you! X3

Blah. x_x I need more script now...
@Gra-chan: Not Bunneh and Rowan, that's for sure. XD

@Vye: Birch? Isn't he Hoenn's professor?

@Ultima: Too bad the storyline is slooooooow. As are updates. The random humor comes from my two co-writers more than it comes from me. XD They're awesome.
Jupiter of the Monkey
Color! Shading! MORE SAD PUPPY EYES!
Me too, really... x_x I'm about to try restarting my game to match the pace of these three so I don't forget how everything goes... XDD Then again... I'd never finish the game at the rate we go.
If you ever find my devArt account, I posted a page of sketches of him in my attempt to draw him correctly... XD
With a moonroof
This shouldn't've taken as long to get done as it did. x_x Well, it done now. And look! Rowan! :D

Rowan's actually my favorite professor. I don't know why, though... XD He never smiles...
Well, I actually desperately need to go back and redo this page... especially the writing, now that I've studied Japanese for a year as opposed to looking the characters up from somewhere... ^^;;
Aww, she's adorable!

Must draw her! X3 <3 <3
I haven't been playing enough Diamond either... Kingdom Hearts has taken my soul again and demanded I travel all over everywhere to get the martierials for the Ultima Weapon. <3

Mini-MewThree is adorable. :3 <3
@Gra-chan: But you're so cute happy! <3

@Vye: You know that and I know that, but apparently Bunneh doesn't know that.

@Oranges: Well, we're in the Sinnoh Region, we're in Sandgem, and we're outside a lab. :3 I think you can take it from there.
Heheh, more big panels. :3 Of course, page count doesn't matter as much with online comics, until your server runs out of disk space.

I'm kinda glad you did change it to look more like a queen. XD That was bothering me a bit.
I can't remember my original impression... I think it was through the TV first, and I liked the anime okay... So I tried the games and that got me sucked in. XD
Help You Decide
Revamped the forums. Go check them out.

Happy Gra-chan! :D <3
It looks more like a Bishop to me... Then again, I haven't played chess in a while... And I wasn't even very good to begin with. XD I did beat my dad and a friend of mine, both whoa re very good chess players, but it was mostly through dumb luck. They had to tell me I won. XDDD

And hey, sometimes big panels are useful, and just what you want for pacing. :3 i usually just cut my pages in half... XD
I am so glad I tested out of Math for College. XD I'm so sick of it now. I still had to take a "Quantitative Reasoning" class for my general education requirement, which is usually filled in by a math class. I get to take Intro to Logic instead. XD
This is going up a bit earlier than usual becuse I finished it earlier than usual.

Also, I have toiled endlessly to bring ATTo actual forums I have complete control over due to it being hosted on MY webspace. XD Visit and enjoy!

And now I go off to bed because, as Gra-chan so kindly reminds me, I'm still sick.
Adorable! ^^ I love it. And I can't wait for the next chapter. :3
And then you're done.
I need to get this plot to pick up a bit... But I'm kinda worried because one of my co-writers has gone "poof" on me. We'll just have to see what happens after I get through this script...
I thought they had little hairs.
I love this comic. XD And about the handicap issue...

Well, I have a minor one of my own that I poke fun at all the time, so I probably would've just found that comic all the more hilarious. XD